Degrees and Certificates

We offer over 55 degrees and 100 certificates

Our programs are designed to prepare you obtain employment or specialized training to enhance your career skills, transfer to a four-year school, or stay and complete your bachelor’s degree right here.

Degree Pathways

Our degrees are organized into six pathways: Arts and Humanities, Business, Exploratory, Healthcare, Social Sciences and Education, and STEM. These pathways are groups of related degrees and certificates.

Each pathways has a team of academic advisors who will assist you in meeting your education and career goals.

One college – many paths

Whatever your goals—a degree or certificate, receive job training, earn your bachelor of applied science, or transfer to a university—Yakima Valley College offers quality educational programs at an affordable cost to get you started.

Additional Degree, Certificate and Program Information

Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees

Community and technical colleges play an important role in producing baccalaureate degree graduates in Washington State. Our programs meet state goals for increasing the overall number of baccalaureate degrees awarded.

We offer the following BAS Degrees:

More information can also be found in our catalog.

Associate of Applied Science Degrees

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees provide competencies related to the workplace; these degrees are not designed as a transfer degree to a four-year institution. Students earning an AAS may go on to earn Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) degrees offered at community colleges in the state.

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Direct Transfer Degrees

YVC offers direct transfer agreement (DTA) degrees: associate in arts – DTA, associate in business – DTA, and associate in science – Transfer. These degrees ensure satisfaction of lower division general education (or core) requirements and lower division business requirements at the state four-year institutions.

Certificates of Achievement

The certificate programs offered at YVC include a wide range of subjects and require varying lengths of time for completion. The specific requirements for each certificate are listed in the program descriptions section of this catalog.

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I-BEST opportunities enable students to develop both their literacy and job skills as they prepare for the workforce and continued study in college. I-BEST offerings pair a professional/technical content instructor with an adult basic education instructor to help students progress in reading, writing, and math while also training for a career.

YVC offers the following I-BEST opportunities:

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  • Agriculture
  • Business Technology
  • Pharmacy Assistant
  • Phlebotomy Certification 

GED Preparation

YVC offers GED Preparation to students interested in studying for the GED exam through individualized and classroom support. Students need to have strong academic skills and knowledge in the areas of reading, writing, math, computer technology, social studies, and science in order to pass the exam.

English Language Acquisition (ELA/ESL) classes

The primary emphasis of YVC’s English Language Acquisition (formerly ESL) is the study of English by non- or limited English-speaking adults who want to learn English. Classes combine listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills.​​