Emergency and Weather Alerts

Yakima Valley College uses the RAVE Alert System for email and text message alerts in the event of emergencies and weather closures. YVC also posts alerts on its website, YVC social media and local media.

All students are automatically subscribed to both email and text alerts via RAVE unless they opt out. RAVE is a secure service that will not sell your personal information. Students, employees and members of the public can update their email and mobile phone information or sign up for RAVE Alerts.

Your cell phone may think the alert message is spam. Here’s how to get the message.

Our alerts come from the following numbers:

  • 226787 (CAMPUS)
  • 67283 (MRAVE)
  • 78015
  • 77295

Apple/iOS Users

  • On your iPhone’s home screen, tap the Settings menu to open it.
  • Scroll down and tap Phone.
  • Under the Call Silencing and Blocked Contacts list, tap Blocked Contacts to see which contacts are listed. Check for any of the numbers listed above.
  • If you have Filter Unknown Contacts enabled, you will need to make a contact with the above numbers. Any missed alerts should appear in your unknown contacts filter.
  • To view filtered messages, open the Messages app, then tap Filters. On the next screen, you’ll see folders for your text messages. Tap Unknown Senders to see messages from accounts not in your Contacts list.


  • Open the Messages app
  • Click the three vertical dots at the right of the search bar
  • Select Spam & Blocked
  • Any incoming alerts in this list can be opened select them and then a dialog to mark as not spam can be chosen.

Latest RAVE Alert

  • YVC Quarterly Alert Test April 17, 2024
    YVC Critical: (4/17/24) This is a test of Yakima Valley College’s emergency alert system (RAVE). This is only a test. Manage your alerts at Yakima Valley College uses the RAVE Alert System for email and text messaging alerts in the event of emergencies and weather closures. RAVE is a secure service that will not […]


What is RAVE Alert?2019-10-12T21:57:24-07:00

RAVE Alert is the official emergency notification system Yakima Valley College uses to communicate with students and employees any time there is an emergency or safety issue for the campus community.

What type of alert is considered an emergency?2019-10-12T21:58:53-07:00

RAVE alerts are sent in the event of an emergency, a change in campus operations (delay or closure), or as a test of the RAVE system.

What mobile phone carriers are supported?2019-10-13T01:28:02-07:00

Rave Alert supports all U.S. mobile carriers.

How do I identity a RAVE Text Message?2019-10-12T22:03:19-07:00

You will receive a message from either 67283 or 226787. We strongly encourage you to save this number in your phone address book after you receive your first message. This way, in future emergencies, the message will be more recognizable as official communication from YVC.


Is there a fee for the RAVE service?2019-10-12T22:08:40-07:00

RAVE service is free for students, faculty, staff, and the surrounding community. RAVE does not charge subscribers to send or receive SMS messages. Standard or other messaging charges apply depending upon your wireless carrier plan and subscription details.

Can students opt-out of RAVE service?2019-10-12T22:38:29-07:00

Yes. Students can opt-out of the text messages. Students will receive a text message announcing RAVE enrollment, and can then “opt-out” or manage their account on RAVE.

How do I unsubscribe?2019-10-12T22:37:45-07:00

Once registered, you can opt-out of SMS messages at any time by texting STOP to 67283 or 226787. You may manage your preferences for your account by logging into RAVE.

Who do I contact about RAVE Alerts?2019-10-12T22:19:14-07:00

If you have questions about RAVE Alerts, contact Security at 509.574.4610. Technical questions or issues, contact the YVC Helpdesk at 509.574.4717 or email

What should I do in an event of an emergency?2019-10-12T22:10:08-07:00

In the event of an emergency, secure your own safety, call 911, and then contact Campus Security at 509.574.4610. There is an additional Security phone line, for weekends, after 6 pm, and for use during power outages: 509.424.0022.

Sign up for RAVE Alerts & Manage Your Account

Sign up & manage your account

Chrome​ *​requ​ir​es extension​​ 

Guidelines for College Closings, Delayed Starts, Emergencies

Yakima Valley College has procedures for announcing closings and delays – caused by weather conditions and other circumstances – and for communicating with students, faculty and staff during emergencies. The procedures may be implemented at any time.

Decisions on closings and delayed starts for weather conditions are made by the college administration as early as possible, typically by 6 a.m.

Always be safe; make sound decisions about traveling in poor weather conditions.

What if it snows? The college seeks to stay open to fulfill its mission whenever possible — so, most likely, it will be classes as usual for the college — but individuals should protect their own health and safety.

For closings, announcements apply to campuses and all learning center sites, unless otherwise noted in the message. All in-person classes, activities and other student services (both in-person and online) will be cancelled during closures. In case of campus closures, please note that online class sessions MAY continue depending on the course and section. Students should check their syllabus and course announcements for additional information. This includes both fully online classes and hybrid classes that have an online session scheduled. Students should plan to attend online sessions unless they hear otherwise from their instructor(s).

Students, faculty and staff are not expected to come to the college in the event of a closure. Exceptions include employees who have specific instructions from a supervisor to do so in order to provide crucial services (such as snow removal, security, food service, etc.)

The college normally opens at 8 am. A “delayed start” means that all classes, office operations, and other activities that normally start and stop before the delayed start time are canceled. Students and staff resume their normal schedule at the start time, missing whatever activities had been planned prior to the delayed start.

For example, if it is announced that the college is on a two-hour delay, staff and students should report beginning at 10 am and follow their normal schedule from 10 am through the remainder of the day. For example, 9:30 am classes resume at 10 am or when the college opens.

Employee questions may be raised with the Human Resources Office. Students are encouraged to work with your instructors if you need to make other arrangements in an emergency.

Winter Weather Advisory

In the event that YVC cancels classes due to weather, students and employees can read winter weather notifications on the following notification sites:

Listen to local media outlets including television and radio stations in Yakima and Tri-Cities for information on college closures. Be sure to listen for clarification on whether the closure is for Yakima or Grandview campuses if our Learning Centers in Sunnyside, Toppenish, or Ellensburg are included, and whether the closure involves day or evening classes. Evening students, please check the website in the late afternoon, as the status of the closure may change. Evening students, please check the website in the late afternoon, as the status of the closure may change.

The college operates independently from K-12 schools, YVC winter advisory information will be available online at Flash Alert Newswire.

Receive text messages through YVC’s notification system, RAVE. You will automatically receive an email for emergency or weather closures, however you can manage your account and add your cell number to also receive a text. Update your communication preferences.

Unless otherwise notified, the college will resume regular business hours the following day. More information may be found on YVC Emergency Preparedness Plan.

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