The Office of Registration and Records staff are dedicated to serving our students. It is our hope that we will provide you with the assistance you require, to complete your educational experience at Yakima Valley College (YVC). You will find detailed information on this website to help guide you through registration and all the way to graduation. You may also select a link below that best suits your needs.

It is our mission to provide students with efficient, fair access to courses and programs, to provide continued support of students through accurate record-keeping, problem-solving and referral, and to facilitate the students; transitions to work or further schooling by certifying and celebrating their achievements.

How can we help?

YVC is excited to help you begin your journey towards a better education. Registration and Records creates and maintains student records while helping students navigate the college’s policies and procedures.

How do I register?

New degree/certificate seeking students must apply for admission and register for classes at New Student Orientation (NSO). To make an appointment for NSO, contact the Office of Admissions at 509.574.4712. Failure to attend NSO will result in the student being unable to attend YVC for that quarter.

New Students Apply

Yakima Valley College (YVC) is glad you have decided to return and continue your journey towards obtaining a degree/certificate or an additional degree/certificate. Returning students can follow these guidelines to help make the transition back to YVC an easy one.

Returning Students Apply

Transfer students seeking a degree/certificate must apply for admission and submit their official transcripts to YVC. A transfer student is a student with more than 30 transferable college-level credits.

Transfer Students Apply

Degree/certificate seeking students that are currently attending classes at YVC will automatically be assigned a registration date. The registration date will be according to the cumulative number of credits the student has at YVC and from previous colleges (to a maximum of 60 credits). Priority is given to students with more credits.

Students can log-in to the student portal to obtain their registration date.

Current Students Register

Students that are not seeking a degree/certificate from YVC may register for classes during open enrollment. For open enrollment dates, please view the Important Dates Calendars. Non-degree seeking students may enroll for up to 11 credits and are not eligible for financial aid.

If you do not have a Student ID to log into the Student Portal, you can register in person using the Walk-In Registration Form.

Non-degree Seeking Students Register

There is no registration dates assigned to students for Summer Quarter registration. All students can register on the day registration opens. Please view the Important Dates Calendars for exact dates. Summer Quarter registration is based on a first come-first served basis.

If you do not have a Student ID to log into the Student Portal, you can register in person using the Walk-In Registration Form.

Summer Quarter Students Register

Questions about college costs

Yakima Valley College (YVC) understands that the cost of education is a major factor in the decision to attend college. Therefore, YVC wants you to know the cost of Lower Division Tuition & Fees and Upper Division Tuition & Fees up front. Whether you are in-state, out-of-state, international, or a dreamer, you can know the cost of attendance up front before you make the decision to attend YVC.

As a college, YVC provides an excellent education at a fraction of the cost of attending a 4-year public university or private college. YVC students enjoy the benefits of engaging and highly qualified faculty instructors, smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction, and of course, lower tuition and fees. Don’t just take our word for it, compare YVC to other colleges and universities and see for yourself.

YVC makes college affordable for everybody. Under HB1079, students that qualify as Dreamers pay in-state tuition rates. To qualify, the student must fill out the HB1079 Form and return it to the Admissions Office.

Fees & Rates

The following rates are in effect for 2017-2018 and are subject to change without notice:

  • Application fee: YVC has a $30 application fee, and, in addition, some specific professional/technical programs may require an application fee.
  • Placement test fee is $20.00 and is nonrefundable. Fees are to be paid at the time of the test.
  • Audit fees are paid at the same rate as regular tuition.
  • International Student Application fee is $30.00 and is required for new international students and those returning after an absence of one or more years.
  • Lab fees vary.
  • Combined service fees are $4.50 per credit with a maximum of $45.00 per quarter.
  • Technology use fee is $4.50 per credit.
  • ELearning fee is $3.00 per credit.
  • Graduation Application fee is $10.00, charged no more than once per academic year for processing a student’s degree and certificate application.
  • YVC/Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center (YV-Tech) fees are required for all collaborative programs: $715.00 plus additional applicable fees per quarter. YVC classes are charged regular YVC per-credit fees.

Registration fees and tuition are to be paid in accordance with tuition deadlines. Students who have not paid by the specified deadline may be dropped from classes. Students must not assume they will be dropped from class if they fail to pay tuition.

Note: All tuition and fee rates are subject to change without notice.

Generally, tuition is due when you register. Paying at that time will eliminate any chance that you will be dropped from your classes for nonpayment. If you are not able to pay tuition when you register, please see the Important Dates page for tuition due dates. If your tuition is paid by a third party, it is your responsibility to verify your tuition has been paid.

YV​​C has multiple methods for students to pay their tuition.

  • Pay online
  • Bring your tuition payment to the Cashier’s Office in the Deccio Higher Education Center.
  • Mail your tuition payment to:
    YVC Cashier’s Office
    P.O. Box 22520
    Yakima, WA 98907-2520.

Please include your SID and the quarter you are enrolling. If you are paying tuition for someone other than yourself, please indicate the student’s name and SID.

Refunds are made for official withdrawals only, and no refund will be given for an amount of less than $10. No refunds will be given if an instructor withdraws a student after the first week of the quarter. All refunds are determined by a formula based upon when the withdrawal is made relative to the beginning of the class. Attendance or nonattendance is not considered when granting refunds.

Complete withdrawal fees are assessed whether or not students actually attend class. There is a fee of $5 for a complete withdrawal of 11 or fewer credits (part-time), and a fee of $10 for a complete withdrawal of 12 or more credits (full-time). Students who withdraw from college in accordance with withdrawal regulations are entitled to the following refund:

  • One hundred percent refund for classes canceled or changed by the college.
  • One hundred percent refund (less complete withdrawal fee) for complete withdrawal prior to, and through, the 5th day of classes (4th day of classes for summer quarter).
  • Fifty percent refund (less complete withdrawal fee) for complete withdrawal after the 5th day of classes and through the 20th calendar day after the start of classes (5th through the 14th day for summer quarter).
  • No refund is granted after the 20th calendar day following the start of the quarter (after the 14th day for summer quarter).

Refunds for classes which do not follow the regular college calendar are applied on a timetable (as established above) proportionate to the standard length of a quarter. Also, refunds for lab fees will be in proportion to the regular tuition refund schedule. Refunds for tuition and fees not paid by Financial Aid will be applied to outstanding charges. Any remaining funds will be processed and refunded within four to six weeks from the date of official withdrawal. If the original form of payment was a debit or credit card, the refund will be credited to the original card that was charged. If the original form of payment was cash, check or online payment, a check will be issued in the student’s name and mailed to the address on file in Registration. Any student, receiving federal or state financial aid, who officially or unofficially withdraws from YVC and qualifies for a refund, will have funds returned to the appropriate financial aid program based on the regulations governing the program. Contact the Financial Aid Office at the phone number in the directory for details.

Please contact the Cashier’s Office at 509.574.4660 for specific information concerning a refund.

The State Board for Community and Technical Colleges authorizes and the YVC Board of Trustees approves waivers of tuition and fees for state-supported classes to specific student populations, listed below. These waivers do not apply to contract or self-support courses. The availability of these waivers is determined on an annual basis. Please contact the Enrollment Services Offices at the phone number listed in the directory for specific information.

  • Senior citizen/Gold Card/60+ years of age
  • State employee/permanent full- or half-time (20+ hours a week)
  • Veterans, veterans’ dependents and spouses, National Guard, and selected Reservists


Some veterans may be eligible for government funding or reduced tuition rates. Please contact the Veterans’ Office at the phone number listed in the directory for specific information.

Please contact the Registration and Records Office at 509.574.4700 or by email at for further information.

Get your 1098-T Form  data that is helpful to claim education credits when you file with your tax return. For further information on federal tax credits and other benefits please see IRS Publication 970, “Tax Benefits for Higher Education” on the IRS website. The YVC Staff cannot provide advice on tax filing.

YV​​​C Federal Identification No: 91-0671107

When do the quarters start or end?

Fall Quarter 2018 Dates and Deadlines
April 30, 2018 Class schedule available in Student Portal.
August 21, 2018 Last day to apply for full-time admission for Fall Quarter 2017
August 27, 2018 ​Tuition due by 3:00 pm if registered on or before this date.
September 17, 2018 ​Tuition due by 3:00 pm if registered on or before this date.
September 24, 2018 First day of classes.
December 7, 2018 Last day of classes.
December 10-12, 2018 Fall 2018 Final Exam Schedule
December 10-12, 2018 Fall 2108  Final Exam Schedule for BASM/BASIT

More important dates can be found in link below. 

Download Fall 2018 Important Dates
Winter Quarter 2019 Dates and Deadlines
October 22, 2018 Class schedule available.
November 13, 2018 Last day to apply for full-time admission for Winter Quarter 2017.
November 26, 2018 Tuition due by 3:00 pm if registered on or before this date.
​December 27, 2018 ​Tuition due by 3:00 pm if registered on or before this date.
January 3, 2019 First day of classes.
March 15, 2019 Last day of classes.
March 18-20, 2019 Winter 2019 Final Exam Schedule
March 18-20, 2019 Winter 2019 Final Exam Schedule for BASM/BASIT

More important dates can be found below. 

Download Winter 2019 Important Dates
Spring Quarter 2019 Dates and Deadlines
February 4, 2019 Class schedule available.
February 19, 2019 Last day to apply for full-time admission for Winter Quarter 2017.
March 4, 2019 Tuition due by 3:00 pm if registered on or before this date.
​March 25 ​Tuition due by 3:00 pm if registered on or before this date.
April 2, 2019 First day of classes.
June 10, 2019 Last day of classes.
June 12-14, 2019 Spring 2019 Final Exam Schedule
March 18-20, 2019 Spring 2019 Final Exam Schedule for BASM/BASIT

More important dates can be found below. 

Download Spring 2019 Important Dates

Degree questions

Current and former students of YVC may order official transcripts to be sent to other colleges or for personal records. When ordering your official YVC transcript, please note that in order to remain official the transcripts must remain in a sealed envelope. Opening the transcript at any point makes the transcript unofficial. Please be aware that some colleges will only accept an official transcript directly from the institution.

Requesting Official Transcripts

Official transcripts can be ordered through Parchment​. A small fee is associated with ordering your transcripts​. Transcripts sent online typically arrive quicker than transcripts sent through the mail.

Transcripts can also be ordered by completing and returning the Transcript Request Form. The form can be returned by the following methods:

  • In person at the Information Desk located by the Office of Registration & Records in the Deccio Higher Education Center, Building 8, at 1000 South 12th Avenue, Yakima, WA.
  • By fax to: 509.574.6879
  • By mail to: YVC, Transcript, P.O. Box 22520, Yakima, WA 98907
  • By email to:

If you are ordering ten (10) or more copies of your transcript, please include $1.00 per copy. If you are ordering nine (9) or less there is no charge for the transcripts. Please allow 72 hours for processing. All transcripts requests are processed and mailed. ​​

Requesting Unofficial Transcripts

Current YVC students can obtain unofficial transcripts anytime through accessing the student portal.

All candidates for an associate degree must submit a degree application for approval. Students are encouraged to submit their application more than one quarter before they plan to graduate so any graduation deficiencies can be resolved prior to the final quarter of enrollment. Specific degree application deadline dates can be found in the college’s quarterly class schedule, under “Important Dates” or call the Registration & Records Office at 509.574.4700. However, all degree applications must be submitted no later than the quarter in which the student plans to graduate.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor on a quarterly basis to ensure completion of specific degree requirements.


Degree Audit is an evaluation tool available online. To run a degree audit, go to the student portal and degree audit is available under “Resources” on the right side of the screen. The Degree Audit is a web-based tool to assist students and advisors to explore and plan transfer or professional-technical degrees and certificates. Degree Audit is unofficial and for planning purposes only.

Academic Suspension

Students who have been placed on academic probation and who fail during the next quarter to make satisfactory progress shall be suspended for one academic quarter. Students placed on academic suspension will be notified by mail and may appeal by the deadline stated in their suspension letter. Students who do not appeal will be dropped from their classes (tuition will be refunded, if warranted) and will be blocked from registration for the quarter.

Students can return the following quarter once evidence of their degree audit is submitted to the registration office.

Academic Dismissal

Students who return from prior suspension and fail to earn a minimum 2.0 GPA for the quarter shall be dismissed from the college, subject to appeal. If dismissal is upheld, the student will not be eligible to return until the fourth quarter following the dismissal. Students will be blocked from registration for one academic year.

Students can return the following year once evidence of their degree audit is submitted to the registration office.

Student profile questions

If you have forgotten, lost, or had your identification stolen, please contact the Office of Registration & Records in person or call us at 509.574.4700. If calling over the phone, the Office of Registration & Records will have to verify your identification, so please be ready to answer several identification questions. Failure to answer those questions will result in the need to come in person only.

YVC requires all students to maintain their current contact information up to date, including address, phone, and email address. Failure to update contact information may result in blocking a student’s ability to register for classes. Contact information can be updated via the Student Portal.

YVC recognizes that our adult learners come to us with a variety of learning experiences that may not have come from a traditional classroom. We may be able to award college credit for what you have already learned which may accelerate your pace toward meeting your educational goals.

View which courses are available through this program.

Yes, a preferred first name can be added to your record by visiting the Enrollment Services front desk and completing the “Name Change Form”. Once a preferred name is entered for a student, it appears on class roster in parenthesis below the students’ official name.