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Mission Statement

Yakima Valley College (YVC) enriches and enhances individuals and communities by delivering accessible, student-centered education. YVC addresses the needs of its diverse communities by providing learning opportunities in basic literacy; academic, professional, and technical education; and lifelong learning.

(Approved Board of Trustees, August 2008) 

Core Themes


YVC embraces its role as both a provider of higher education and an employer and actively seeks partnerships to provide opportunities for the economic, social, and cultural development of our external and internal communities.


YVC increases access through programs and services that address diverse challenges, learning styles, goals, and schedules of students in the district.


YVC provides learner-centered environments with a focus on its diverse students, providing a foundation for lifelong learning resulting in student achievement of educational goals through completion of courses, certificates, and degrees.

(Approved Board of Trustees, March 2010)

Engage with secondary and postsecondary educational partners in the communities we serve to improve alignment of high school and college courses to increase college readiness. Continue to explore opportunities to partner with community organizations on experiential learning as well as create opportunities for our students to explore employment options following graduation.

Provide educational, athletic, and cultural opportunities that enrich the quality of life in our district and engage students and members of the community in lifelong learning activities.

Allocate resources to market college programs to Yakima Valley residents and beyond in an effort to increase knowledge about opportunities the college offers for high school graduates, students returning to earn credentials, and those seeking bachelor’s degrees.

Improve communication channels between YVC faculty, staff, and students to more effectively share information. Work to establish a satisfactory campus climate that promotes consultation and collaboration.

Expand customer service in Financial Aid to assist students, continue to provide educational workshops around the financial aid process, and provide scholarship opportunities for all students.

Work toward increasing the variety of courses available in the evenings, on weekends, and online. Including expanded offering during summer quarter. Continue to develop new bachelor of applied science degrees.

Provide educational offerings to improve language skills, provide high school diplomas, and eliminate deficiencies in English and mathematics enabling students to attain college-level degrees and certificates. Continue to develop strategies to teach students how to be accountable for their educational success.

Continue to provide tutoring services, access to the writing and math centers, speech and language labs, and the library to ensure students are receiving the support they need to be successful in their course completion.

Pro-actively advise students with information to successfully and efficiently complete degrees. Provide opportunities for additional support for at risk students to be successful including peer mentoring and student ambassador programs.

Articulate a clear assessment plan from course to program to degree learning outcomes.

Ensure that course completion rates are comparable for all modalities of instruction times and locations. Continue to review placement processes relative to likely-hood of course success.

Develop initiatives around science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) to increase retention and completion of STEM degrees and successful transfer to baccalaureate institutions.

Promote the opportunity of course challenge and alternative transcript evaluation for awarding credit to adults seeking a high school diploma, veterans, and adult learners returning to college, to earn credit for demonstrated knowledge gained through on the job training, employment, or prior learning experiences.