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Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees

Community and technical colleges play an important role in producing baccalaureate degree graduates in Washington State. Our programs meet state goals for increasing the overall number of baccalaureate degrees awarded.

We offer the following BAS Degrees:

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Associate of Applied Science Degrees

The Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degrees provide competencies related to the workplace; these degrees are not designed as a transfer degree to a four-year institution. Students earning an AAS may go on to earn Bachelors of Applied Science (BAS) degrees offered at community colleges in the state.

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Certificates of Achievement

The certificate programs offered at YVC include a wide range of subjects and require varying lengths of time for completion. The specific requirements for each certificate are listed in the program descriptions section of this catalog.

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What is a Combined Associate of Applied Science?

An Associate of Applied Science along with the technical program allows students to work more effectively in their chosen field and to help them compete for advanced opportunities. In addition to completing their technical program at Perry Technical Institute, students complete credits at Yakima Valley College. Credits are designated as core requirements and are required for all programs.

Perry Tech/ YVC Combined Degrees


I-BEST opportunities enable students to develop both their literacy and job skills as they prepare for the workforce and continued study in college. I-BEST offerings pair a professional/technical content instructor with an adult basic education instructor to help students progress in reading, writing, and math while also training for a career.

YVC offers the following I-BEST opportunities:

  • Agriculture
    Business Technology
    Early Childhood Education
    Information Technology
    Nursing Assistant Certified

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GED Preparation

YVC offers GED Preparation to students interested in studying for the GED exam through individualized and classroom support. Students need to have strong academic skills and knowledge in the areas of reading, writing, math, computer technology, social studies, and science in order to pass the exam.

English Language Acquisition (ELA/ESL) classes

The primary emphasis of YVC’s English Language Acquisition (formerly ESL) is the study of English by non- or limited English-speaking adults who want to learn English. Classes combine listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with an emphasis on listening and speaking skills.​​

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Programs A-Z Degree Worksheets and Applications for graduation are available through these links.
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A - ZArea of StudyPathwayDegree/CertificateWorksheetApplication
AAccounting ClerkBusinessCertificateApplication
AAerospace Machining TechnologySTEMAASApplication
AAerospace Machining TechnologySTEMCertificateApplication
AAgribusiness- Applied Science TransferSTEMAAS-TWorksheetApplication
AAgriculture - AgribusinessSTEMAASApplication
AAnthropologySocial Sciences & EducationAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
AArtArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
AAutomotive Service TechnologyBusinessAASApplication
BBiologySTEMAS-T T1 or AA-DTAWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Administration - AAS TransferBusinessAAS-TWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Administration Retail ManagementBusinessCertificateApplication
Business Administration MarketingBusinessCertificateApplication
BBusiness Administration ManagementBusinessCertificateApplication
BBusiness Entrepreneurship SpecialtyBusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Major DTABusinessAB-DTAWorksheetApplication
BBusiness ManagementBusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness ManagementBusinessBASWorksheet
BBusiness Management MarketingBusinessAASWorksheetApplication
ABusiness Technology Administrative Assistant BusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Bilingual Administrative Office AssistantBusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Bilingual Legal Office Assistant BusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Bilingual Medical Office AssistantBusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Bilingual Office Assistant BusinessCertificateWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology General Office AssistantBusinessCertificateWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Legal Office AssistantBusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Legal Receptionist BusinessCertificateWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Medical Office AssistantBusinessAASWorksheetApplication
BBusiness Technology Medical ReceptionistBusinessCertificateWorksheetApplication
C Chemical Dependency StudiesHealthcareAASWorksheetApplication
C Chemical DependencySocial Sciences & EducationCertificateApplication
CChemistrySTEMAS-T T1 or AA-DTAWorksheetApplication
ECivil Engineering TechnologySTEMAASApplication
CCommunication SpeechArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
CComputed Tomography (CT)HealthcareCertificateApplication
CComputer ScienceSTEMAA-DTA/MRPWorksheetApplication
EConstruction DesignSTEMAASApplication
C Criminal JusticeSocial Sciences & EducationAASWorksheetApplication
C Criminal Justice Communications/Call TakerSocial Sciences & EducationCertificateWorksheetApplication
C Criminal Justice CorrectionalSocial Sciences & EducationCertificateWorksheetApplication
C Criminal Justice Crime Scene InvestigationSocial Sciences & EducationCertificateWorksheetApplication
C Criminal Justice Police Clerk/Support SpecialistSocial Sciences & EducationCertificateWorksheetApplication
DDental AssistingHealthcareCertificateApplication
DDental HygieneHealthcareBAS
BBridge to Dental HygieneHealthcareBAS
Digital MediaBusinessAASApplication
DDramaArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
EEconomicsSocial Sciences & EducationAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
EEarly Childhood EducationSocial Sciences & EducationAAS
EEarly Childhood Education AdministrationSocial Sciences & EducationCertificate
EEarly Childhood Education Family Child CareSocial Sciences & EducationCertificate
EEarly Childhood Education GeneralSocial Sciences & EducationCertificate
EEarly Childhood Education Infant-Toddler CareSocial Sciences & EducationCertificate
EEarly Childhood Education InitialSocial Sciences & EducationCertificate
EEarly Childhood Education ParaeducatorSocial Sciences & EducationAAS
EEarly Childhood Education School Age CareSocial Sciences & EducationCertificate
EEarly Childhood Education STARS TrainingSocial Sciences & EducationTraining
EEarly Childhood Education State CertificateSocial Sciences & EducationCertificate
EEducation, Early Childhood EducationSocial Sciences & EducationAAS-T
EElectrical TechnologySTEMAASApplication
EEngineering-Associate in Science Degree, Track 2STEMAS-T T2WorksheetApplication
EEnglishArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
EEthnic StudiesSocial Sciences & EducationAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
GGeographySocial Sciences & EducationAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
HHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration TechnologySTEMAASApplication
HHistoryArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
IInformation Technology Computer Science STEMAA-DTA//MRPWorksheetApplication
IInformation Technology General BusinessCertificateWorksheetApplication
IInformation Technology General BusinessAASWorksheetApplication
IInformation Technology Network Administrator BusinessAASWorksheetApplication
IInformation Technology Networking System Administration BusinessBASWorksheet
IInformation Technology Office Suite BusinessCertificateWorksheetApplication
IInformation Technology Support Specialist BusinessAASWorksheetApplication
I Instrumentation & Industrial Automation TechnologySTEMAASApplication
IManaging & Maintaining the PC BusinessCertificateWorksheetApplication
MMass CommunicationsBusinessAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
MMathematicsArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
MMedical AssistingHealthcareAASApplication
MMedical AssistingHealthcareCertificateApplication
MMedical Billing and CodingHealthcareCertificateApplication
MMedical Billing and CodingHealthcareAASApplication
MMedical InterpreterHealthcareCertificateApplication
MModern LanguagesArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
MMusicArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
PPharmacy TechnicianHealthcareCertificateApplication
PPharmacy TechnologyHealthcareAASApplication
PPhilosophyArts & HumanitiesAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
PPhysical Therapist AssistantHealthcareAAS
PPhysicsSTEMAS-T T2WorksheetApplication
PPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences & EducationAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
PPsychologySocial Sciences & EducationAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
RRadiologic SciencesHealthcareAASApplication
SSociologySocial Sciences & EducationAA-DTAWorksheetApplication
SSurgical TechnologyHealthcareAASApplication
T Teacher EducationSocial Sciences & EducationBASWorksheet
TTree FruitSTEMCertificateApplication
VVeterinary TechnologyHealthcareAASApplication
VVineyard TechnologySTEMAASApplication
VVineyard TechnologySTEMCertificateApplication
VVineyard Technology - Applied Science TransferSTEMAAS-TApplication
WWine SalesSTEMCertificateApplication
WWinery TechnologySTEMAASApplication
WWinery TechnologySTEMCertificateApplication
Associate in Arts Direct Transfer Degree (DTA) 999AWorksheetApplication
Associate in Arts - BSN DegreeWorksheet
Associate in Business Direct Transfer Degree (DTA/MRP) 999CWorksheetApplication
Associate in Science - Transfer (AS-T) Track 1 999LWorksheetApplication
Associate in Science - Transfer (AS-T) Track 2 999MWorksheetApplication
Associate in General Studies - Not a Transferable Degree 998Application