Communications Department

Communication studies integrates aspects of both social sciences and the humanities. Much of the work being done in the field is academic in nature. As a social science, the discipline often overlaps with sociology, psychology, anthropology, biology, political science, economics, and public policy, among others. From a humanities perspective, communication is concerned with rhetoric and persuasion The field applies to outside disciplines as well, including engineering, architecture, mathematics, and information science.

Mass Communication

Mass communication is the study of communicating with the masses, but is also about storytelling with strategy and purpose. The study of mass communication is centered around how messages persuade and affect the behavior and opinion of the person or people receiving the content.


Communication competency is a primary skill valued in a wide variety of professional areas. is designed to prepare you to transfer and earn a bachelor degree in Speech Communication or Communication Studies. Beyond transfer, it will also give you the skills needed for several entry level positions within the field.

Area of Interest

Associates in Arts – DTA Communications

The associate in arts – direct transfer agreement (DTA) degree is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university. YVC offers a variety of disciplines so that students can select their course load based on their area of interest within this degree. These courses are recommended as guidelines for state transfer. For assistance with course selection, contact the program faculty or the Advising Center.

Student please note: To insure that your degree requirements for graduation have been met, you need to review the degree planning guide with an advisor or counselor.

Department Contacts

Daniel EricksonSpeech/Communications
Yakima Campus
Palmer Martin Hall
Building 20, Room 164
Phone: 509.574.4831
Dave McReynoldsCommunication Studies
Yakima Campus
Palmer Martin Hall
Building 20, Room 168
Phone: 509.574.6800 x3188
Tony SchmidtCommunication Studies
Yakima Campus
Palmer Martin Hall
Building 20, Room 166
Phone: 509.574.4604