College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

The YVC CAMP program provides eligible migrant and/or seasonal farm-working students in the south-central Washington region access into higher education and supports their academic, personal and career needs to ensure they successfully complete their first academic year at YVC.

We support students in their academic, personal, and career development by providing you with the tools to enhance your educational foundation. We offer opportunities to build your leadership skills in community and with your family.

Tell Me More About CAMP

Student support services for CAMP

  • Access to technology such as laptop or hotspot
  • Free tutoring
  • Financial aid and scholarship application assistance
  • Personal and career development support
  • Leadership skill-building and development
  • College success guidance
  • Cultural enrichment opportunities
  • Emergency medical, dental, or vision assistance

What we offer

CAMP applications are reviewed as they are received.  Any applications received after all spaces are filled will be placed on the waitlist.

Apply to CAMP

To begin the application process for CAMP:

  1. Complete the YVC Admission Application
  2. Complete the CAMP application

You can also mail your application to:

500 W. Main St.
Grandview, WA. 98930

  1. Complete the Employer Verification Form if needed: Contact YVC CAMP Recruiter for the form.
  2. Email a copy of the following documents to CAMP:
    1. High school or GED transcript (unofficial)
    2. Placement scores. Placement services are available.
    3. Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) completion confirmation with the expected family contribution (EFC)
  3. Contact the YVC CAMP Recruiter for more information and assistance on how to obtain a certificate of eligibility from the Migrant Education Program or Employer Verification.

CAMP Eligibility

A student is eligible for YVC CAMP by meeting one of the following requirements:

  1. You or your immediate family members have engaged in migrant seasonal farm work for at least 75 days within the last 24 months as a migrant seasonal farm worker in activity directly related to:
    • Fish farms
    • Livestock production
    • Poultry
    • Seasonal dairy
    • The cultivation and/or harvesting of agricultural crops
    • Tree cultivation and/or harvesting
  1. You have participated or been eligible to participate in the Title 1C Migrant Education Program (MEP)
  2. You or their parent/guardian as qualified for the Workforce Investment Act 167 Program (WIA 167)


  • Graduated from high school with a diploma OR enrolled in a High School Equivalency Program (HEP) within the last 12 months and graduated with a GED
  • Be a U.S. citizen or U.S. permanent resident
  • Eligible to receive financial aid (FAFSA). Complete your FAFSA.
  • First year student applicant at YVC. Apply to YVC.

Student Expectations

CAMP’s goal is to increase access to higher education admissions and enrollment to students with migrant and seasonal farm worker backgrounds. Your commitment and agreement to participate in the program is an essential part towards achieving your educational and career goals. Each CAMP student is required to fulfill the following expectations while enrolled in the program.

  • Meet with advisor at least 2 times per quarter
  • Attend
    • Classes
    • Tutoring sessions
    • Recommended workshops
    • CAMP events and activities
    • Student/faculty conference sessions and submit the form 3 times per quarter
  • Maintain at least a 3.0 grade point average while completing 15 credits per quarter

Contact Retention Specialist before adding or dropping classes to discuss financial aid impacts.

CAMP Services

The following services are available to CAMP students:

Our Recruiter conducts outreach throughout the south-central Washington region and provides support through the YVC and CAMP admissions process.

Free tutoring
One-on-one tutoring is available to all CAMP students at no cost.

Access to Technology
Laptops, hotspots, and calculators are available for check out to all CAMP students at no cost.

Financial Aid and Scholarship Application Assistance
Assistance is provided to CAMP students in applying for financial aid and scholarships in order to continue pursuing their educational goals beyond the first year of study.

Textbook Loan: CAMP maintains a small library of textbooks for the benefit of our students. The textbooks are on loan to you and must be returned to CAMP by the last day of finals.  CAMP Scholars must provide their class syllabus for the book they are requesting.

Including Others Such As:

  • Internship/community service learning opportunities
  • Academic workshops and seminars
  • Leadership skill-building and development
  • Cultural enrichment activities
  • College success course enrollment
CAMP Support Request Form
Apply Now to CAMP
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Mission Statement

YVC CAMP provides the academic resources and social emotional support essential to cultivate the educational and career goals of students with migrant and seasonal farmworking backgrounds during their first year of study.

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Vision Statement

To enhance the quality of life through education, YVC CAMP employs the belief that each participant brings a wealth of experiences and knowledge everyone can learn from in the community.

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Equity Statement

YVC CAMP is committed to prioritizing equity and inclusion throughout the program using equity mindedness outreach and retention approaches. YVC CAMP advocates for students with migrant and seasonal farmworking backgrounds to ensure their needs are addressed holistically.

Meet the CAMP Staff

Hello everyone! My name is Marivy Vasquez, the YVC CAMP Director. I believe in the importance of reaching this particular group of under-served students and doing all I can to contribute to the achievement of their scholastic goals. I know from my own life experience and helping young adults that putting yourself first and asking for help can keep up fear and this becomes a barrier to success. As a migrant student myself, I know how difficult it is to find someone to connect with within higher education and to learn how to navigate the system. I know what it takes to utilize CAMP support to its fullest.  I work diligently to help students find their passion in life and remove the blocks that have kept them from achieving the career path they always dreamed of.

I am here for you!!

Justina Aguilera
CAMP-Retention Specialist & Curriculum Advisor

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Justina AguileraCAMP-Retention Specialist & Curriculum Advisor
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