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Speech and Language Center

Our mission as a team is to help students to develop their ideas, providing the students with the  necessary tool to succeed in their speech and communications classes.

Speech Lab Hours

Monday ​- Friday 8-3:30 pm


Palmer Martin Hall
Building 20, Room ​202
Phone: 509.574.6800 ext. 3619​


  • Tutoring Services
  • Online Speeches
  • Aid in Polishing Speech Content
  • Faculty Help
  • Presentation Practice
  • Recording & Viewing of Speeches
  • Helpful Hints for Intro’s & Clinchers
  • Computers Available for Student Use
  • Reference Quotes
  • American Sign Language Practice
  • Provides Presentation Confidence

Speech Related Careers

  • Media / Broadcasting
  • Journalism / Theatre
  • Public Relations / Politics
  • Performing Arts / Business
  • Education / Government
Interested in Speech or Communications?