Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing & Coding

Combining convenient online instruction and practical experience, this certificate prepares students for a career performing medical billing, coding, and administrative proceduresInstruction includes core courses essential to health care professionals and specialty courses to prepare students for entry-level positions as billing and coding specialists.

Medical Billing & Coding Certificate

This certificate program is 63 credits in length. Students may complete the course of study in four quarters of full-time attendance. Part-time study is also available. The endpoint of the certificate program will be *a practicum and exam review course where all learned skills will be put to practice online in preparation for professional billing and coding positions.

Program Location

The program is offered in fall, winter, and spring. *This program is offered in an online format.

Program Curriculum

Medical Billing & Coding Program Courses for Certificate

This certificate is 63 credits in length.

Core Courses

  • AH 105: Introduction to Pharmacology 3 Cr
  • AH 108: Communication and Cultural Concepts in Health Care 3 Cr
  • AH 110: Human Body in Health & Disease I 5 Cr
  • AH 119: Medical Terminology 5 Cr
  • AH 120: Human Body in Health & Disease II 5 Cr
  • AH 140: Medical Law and Ethics 2 Cr
  • AHBC 101: Introduction to Medical Coding 3 Cr
  • AHBC 102: Introduction to Medical Billing 2 Cr
  • BA 115: Business Math 5 Cr
  • PTECH 120: Technical Writing 5 Cr

Program-Specific Courses

  • AHBC 121: Health Care Reimbursement Issues I 3 Cr
  • AHBC 132: CPT/HCPCS Coding 4 Cr
  • AHBC 133: ICD-10-CM Coding 3 Cr

Administrative Procedures Courses

  • AHMA 125: Administrative Procedures 5 Cr

Practicum Courses

  • AHBC 202: Medical Coding Capstone 5 Cr
  • AHBC 203: CPC Examination Review 5 Cr

Total 63 Credits

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Program Information

Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Demonstrate the ability to code and bill accurately according to professional and regulatory guidelines to optimize reimbursement.
  • Perform administrative skills utilized by medical billing and coding professionals in medical facilities.
  • Demonstrate professional and ethical behaviors appropriate to a member of the health care team.

A healthcare professional working in billing and coding must be able to multi-task, use critical thinking skills, communicate effectively, and be a self-regulator of their time and tasks. They must possess personal integrity and be detail oriented and organized in order to do their job well and effectively contribute to quality patient care. The nature of the career evolves sitting at a computer for long periods of time.

Healthcare in America has undergone tremendous change in recent years, especially with regard to reimbursement for medical services. Currently, reimbursement for health care services is dependent on the assignment of codes to describe diagnoses, services, and procedures.  Medical coding specialists learn the translation of written documentation of disease, injuries, and/or procedures into alphanumeric classifications.  In addition to the application of codes, professional reimbursement specialists must learn the medical billing process, which includes the application of the above codes to conform to individual insurance requirements and electronic application of billing procedures.

For up-to-date information consult the Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook .

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics for medical record and health information specialists is $22.69 an hour. The job outlook is on the rise with a 9% increase projected from 2020-30.

Our program is offered in fall, winter and spring.

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