Online Learning at Yakima Valley College

Canvas is a course management system used by Yakima Valley College that supports online learning and teaching. It allows instructors to post all the information for a course, including grades, assignments, and lectures, online.

Types of Classes at YVC

Canvas provides a password-protected online classroom where students submit work and communicate with the instructor and classmates. Each instructor creates content that aligns with the subject taught, and each Canvas class might be set up or arranged differently. Logging in on the first day and becoming active in the course is critical. Instructors check students’ online activity often. If student activity or participation is low, it could result in being dropped from the class.

  • In-seat: These classes are held in a traditional classroom. The schedule lists the days/times the class meets.
  • Enhanced: All course time is in the classroom, but the instructor uses Canvas to enhance the class with online content. No in-seat time can be replaced with online time. The schedule does indicate enhanced status. In the case of an enhanced class, students receive directions from their instructor.
  • Hybrid: These courses are a mix of traditional in-seat and online time. The schedule lists the day/time the course meets and shows WWW component for the online portion.
  • Online: All course time is spent online. The schedule lists only WWW as the day/time.

The first step in becoming a successful online learner is knowing how to navigate in Canvas. Take a few minutes to review the content on the YVC Student Success Center (SSC). Along with other helpful information, a short online training session teaches students how to navigate in Canvas.

Student Off-Campus Proctor Request

Some classes require proctored exams. You may request an off-campus proctor if you are a student outside of the YVC district. The student off-campus proctor request must be completed and submitted with at least one week’s notice to allow processing. If the request is submitted giving less than one week’s notice, it cannot be guaranteed that the data can be processed in time for the testing date.

The proctor you select is contacted and must meet the college’s testing policy requirements. Public libraries, other college or university testing labs, or private tutoring centers are acceptable proctors. Proctors cannot be anyone closely related to you in any capacity, either friend, family, or employer.

Students within the YVC district, Yakima to Grandview, must use the YVC testing labs to take proctored exams. Students living in Ellensburg can test at the Ellensburg Library for a small fee and should use the Off-Campus Proctor Request Form. All requests for proctors due to disabilities must contact the Student Disability Services Office to process a proctor.

Complete the Off-campus Proctor Request Form, filling in all data except the proctor information. The form must be presented to the chosen proctor for their information and signature. Please return the form by scanning it, attaching it to an email, and submitting it to Mailed forms are not accepted.

Additional information

Yakima Valley College is not authorized to serve students residing and attending distance learning classes in the following states:

  • Alabama
  • Alaska
  • Arkansas
  • District of Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Kansas
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • West Virginia
  • Wyoming

Applications from students from these states for fully online educational purposes will be cancelled.

Some take-home tests may require Respondus Lockdown Browser. If you are taking a test using Respondus, you must first download the browser to your computer. After successfully downloading the browser, students access tests by clicking the Respondus icon installed on their desktop. Use the same login and password that is used for Canvas. The directions are a little different for MAC and Chromebook users. Please view full directions and the download link at Respondus LockDown Browser.

Periodically, there are updates to the browser. We recommend students access the browser at the start of each quarter to ensure it works. If there are browser problems, uninstall and reinstall using the link above. Contact Jackie Staley at: if the reinstall does not resolve the issues.

Canvas supports the most current two versions of the following browsers

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Troubleshooting Browser Issues

If your pages are not loading correctly, try clearing the browser cache (Google clear cache in any search engine for your browser) and rebooting your computer. In most cases, this simple procedure clears up your issues. However, we have found that the two browsers with the smallest number of issues within Canvas are Chrome and Firefox. Some of the most common issues encountered when using the other browsers are:

  • Safari blocks images in tests
  • Edge blocks some content without notifying the user that it blocked content

Below are links to guides for students using mobile devices

Canvas Mobile Phone Student Guide

Canvas Mobile Tablet Student Guide


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