Nicholas Mejia

Associate in Arts

Nicholas Mejia grew up in Mabton, Washington. Coming from a family with a rich Hispanic heritage, his family migrated to the United States before he was born. Many of his relatives have worked in the agricultural fields and on dairies in the Yakima Valley. His father was the first in his family to graduate from high school. Knowing that he wanted more, and to be the first in his family to graduate from college, Mejia enrolled in the Running Start program and began taking courses on the Grandview Campus. Running Start provides students like Nicholas the opportunity to complete college-level credits without the cost of tuition. Juniors and seniors can continue to attend high school while also taking courses at YVC.

“I chose YVC Grandview because I knew that it would give me the best of opportunities,” stated Mejia. “I have been able to gain my high school diploma as well as my AA, do amazingly in my classes, as well as grow closer to those on the campus. The classes are the perfect size to be able to have a one on one learning experience with your professors. For these reasons, I constantly refer people to YVC and urge them to pursue a higher education,” he continued.

Mejia was also involved in campus life, serving as the Grandview Student Council President. When asked about his experience he said: “I chose to run for President of the Grandview Student Council because I wanted to have a positive impact on those attending YVC, as well as those within the community. When you extend a hand and reach out to people, giving them a warm welcome, they are more likely to feel at home. By welcoming people, campus life becomes not only easier than it already is, but also more memorable. It was my pleasure to be able to be one aspect of the many throughout the college that positively impacts students’ lives every day.”

Nicholas graduates this June with his associate in arts from YVC and his high school diploma from Mabton High School. In the fall, he will transfer to Central Washington University where he will major in political science. Afterward, he plans to attend law school. His ultimate goal is to become a social justice lawyer, representing those who do not have a voice.

“Thanks to YVC, I have been able to get a running start on my life goals, and have grown to be more than I was. YVC turned out to be a blessing in my life,” he concluded.