Tuition and Fees

Yakima Valley College understands that the cost of education is a major factor in the decision to attend college. Therefore, YVC wants you to know the cost of Lower Division Tuition & Fees and Upper Division Tuition & Fees upfront. Whether you are in-state, out-of-state, international, or a dreamer, you can know the cost of attendance upfront before you make the decision to attend YVC.

As a college, YVC provides an excellent education at a fraction of the cost of attending a 4-year public university or private college. YVC students enjoy the benefits of engaging and highly qualified faculty instructors, smaller class sizes, more individualized instruction, and of course, lower tuition and fees.

YVC makes college affordable for everybody. Under HB1079, students that qualify as Dreamers pay in-state tuition rates. To qualify, the student must fill out the 1079 Residency Affidavit and return it to the Admissions Office.

State Support and Student Costs for Washington State Community and Technical Colleges

Understanding Tuition and Fees in ctcLink

ctcLink displays information to students about tuition and fees. Tuition is shown split out into the Operating, Building, and S&A (Services and Activities) components.

Most classes charge operating, building, and S&A fees as tuition.

  • Operating fee: A tuition fee that supports school operations.
  • Building fee: A tuition fee that supports infrastructure and innovation. This tuition fee is charged for in-person and online classes.
  • S&A fee: A tuition services and activity fee used to cover student activities and programs.

Yakima Valley College  follows the State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) tuition and fees policies, which generally describe the amounts that are charged for different types of classes and students. More information is available at the SBCTC tuition and fees web page.

Previously, resident students may have only seen a charge of $565.20 for a 5-credit classes. Now in ctcLink, resident students will see separate charges for:

  • Resident Operating Fee – $446.20
  • Resident Building Fee – $60.90
  • Resident S&A Fee – $58.10

The total charged to the student remains $565.20.

Non-Resident Students will see additional charges as part of SBCTC policy.

  • NonResident Operating Fee: Non-resident students may see both an ‘Operating Fee’ and an ‘Operating Fee Diff’. The ‘Diff’ fee is the differential between the resident and non-resident rate.
  • NonResident Building Fee: Non-resident students will see two ‘NonResident Building’ charges. One is the charge at the Resident rate, and the other is the non-resident differential.

Learn more about sources of college revenue and expenditures (HB 1795 disclosure).

The following rates are in effect for 2023-2024 and are subject to change without notice:

  • Application fee: $30.00
  • Audit fees:  Paid at the same rate as regular tuition.
  • International Student Application fee: $30.00
  • Lab fees: Vary
  • YVC Service Fee – Photo ID: $0.06
  • YVC Service Fee – Commencement: $0.09
  • YVC Service Fee – Parking/Safety: $0.85
  • YVC Service Fee – Tutoring/Learning Centers: $3.50
  • Technology use fee: $4.50 per credit
  • eLearning fee: $4.50 per credit
  • Student Activity fee: $12.71 per credit

Registration fees and tuition are to be paid in accordance with tuition deadlines. Students who have not paid by the specified deadline may be dropped from classes. Students must not assume they will be dropped from a class if they fail to pay tuition.

Note: All tuition and fee rates are subject to change without notice.