Most student services are currently being offered through online, email, or telephone options.

Limited in-person student services are being offered until campuses reopen.

Campuses are closed to the public until further notice.

Math Center

MathCare4All with calculus, statistics, and algebra printed over a backgound of a blackboard with math equations on it.

Mathcare4all (MC4A) – Online Math Tutoring

Fall 2021 Hours

Sunday 3-9 PM
Monday – Thursday 10 AM-4 PM & 6 PM-9 PM
Friday 10 AM-4 PM

Our friendly math tutors are waiting to help you in our virtual tutoring room.

Enter the ZOOM Tutoring ROOM

Meeting ID: 509.574.6827
(Audio is required and video is optional in our Zoom meeting room.)
Visit our Zoom Tutoring Room during our Tutoring Hours.


If you would like to make arrangements for appointments with an assigned tutor, this can be arranged for up to 2 hours per week.

Meet our Tutors

Tim Brown

Christine Cromwell

Ethan Davis

Doug Lewis

Berlin Rasmussen

Michal Ramos

Michelle Perry

Dan Schapiro

Maribel Solano

Panyada Sullivan

William Wayenberg

Are you taking a mathematics class this quarter?

The Mathematics Center is a service provided for you!

Services in the Mathematics Center are available free of charge to all YVC students.

Online Services Only

As a result of the governor’s Stay Home, Stay Safe order issued on Monday, March 23, 2020, the campuses and learning centers of Yakima Valley College are closed to the public. All buildings including the bookstore are closed to the public. 

We hope to open our on campus services as soon as possible. At this time,in compliance with the governor’s “Stay at Home” order, we are only providing the online services that are are accessible above. We do have tutors waiting to help you with your math questions.

Our Math Centers

The math centers, located on the first floor of Glenn Anthon Hall, Building 4, Room 101 on the Yakima Campus and in the Main Building, Building 56,  Room 102 at Grandview Campus, provide drop-in instructional support for classes from arithmetic through calculus.

Math Department instructors and instructional technicians provide individualized assistance to address students’ questions about topics from their mathematics courses as well as other mathematics-related courses. Help is also provided through computer/CD instruction focusing on concept development and guided practice. Resources such as calculators, textbooks, manipulatives, math-related materials, and supplemental written materials are available to students in the study areas of the center.

Having issues in a class that is not a math class? Visit the Tutoring Center or Writing Center  to get assistance.

Why should I use the Math Center?

Wise use of your study time is important, since each new topic in mathematics builds upon previous concepts. If you spend a few minutes seeking answers to questions, you can save hours of time and frustration and be more successful in mathematics. Students often meet their friends at the center to study and prepare for exams.

In analyzing student success, we have found that students who use the Math Center are as much as 12% more successful in their classes than those who do not use its services. Hope to see you soon!