Kienna Richards

Associate of Applied Science in Nursing

Kienna Richards attended Yakima Valley Technical Skills Center’s nursing assistant program during high school. Falling in love with the industry and helping others, Richards began looking for a Nursing program where she could expand her skills, ultimately deciding on YVC’s program.

She shares how the college’s degree pathways helped her overcome obstacles and successfully complete her nursing degree.

“At YVC, the pathways, it’s all encompassed in one so I got to do all my prerequisites for the nursing program, put my application in for the nursing program, I didn’t have to like reapply to the college or do anything like that,” shared Richards.

She is also thankful for the support from advisors who helped her determine which classes should be taken each quarter to maximize her education and help her complete her degree.

“You get to meet with them once a quarter and they say ‘OK, next quarter I think you should do these classes and that’s going to help you be most successful to get into the nursing program.’ ”