Daphne Fisher

Associate in Arts

First-generation college student Daphne Fisher grew up in the Yakima Valley. She graduated from Davis High School and enrolled at Yakima Valley Community College. A talented athlete, Fisher was a walk-on for the women’s fast pitch team and has demonstrated her leadership skills as the team captain. This season, she is also playing for the Yak’s women’s basketball team. Unfortunately, she has suffered several knee injuries and has endured four surgeries during her time at YVC. Despite injuries, Daphne continues to overcome adversity and in turn focuses her energy on supporting her teammates. “Daphne has showed dedication to her hard work in each of the rehabilitation programs she has had to endure for each one of her injuries,” stated YVC Fitness Center Coordinator Kelsie Owen. “She continues to be a leader for her team despite not being able to play. I believe this shows impeccable leadership qualities, as she has found ways to lead by example without even being on the field,” she continued.

Bright and driven to succeed, Daphne has also found success in the classroom excelling at several challenging courses.  “She demonstrates skills as both a good athlete and a student leader,” stated YVC Psychology Instructor Tom Mount. “I have been especially impressed by her ability to manage her academic work as well as her athletic commitments. Her demeanor is always respectful and she engenders respect from others. In my experience, she is the kind of student that instructors look forward to working with,” he continued. Outside the classroom she volunteers as a physical therapy assistant aid at Creekside Physical Therapy, where she helps patient’s work on exercises. Happy with her performance, Creekside has offered her a paid position following winter quarter.

Daphne will graduate in June with an associate in arts degree. Following YVC she will transfer to a university and pursue a degree in exercise science or kinesiology. Ultimately, she hopes to attend Eastern Washington University’s Physical Therapy Program and work in an outpatient clinic helping patient’s work through the rehabilitation process.