Chantel Dixon

Associate in Arts

Chantel Dixon was born in Burien and raised in Des Moines, Washington. She was athletically driven as a child and spent much of her youth participating in several sports. “I remember most of my childhood playing outside with my two older sisters or in my parent’s car driving to either soccer, basketball, or track practice,” stated Dixon. In addition, she was also very active in her studies and graduated from Federal Way High School with a 3.7 GPA. Following high school, Dixon spent one-year at Western Washington University before transferring to Yakima Valley College. “I choose to come to YVC to play basketball because the program has a great track record of developing players to play at the next level of college basketball. Also it is away from home and I knew I would be out of my normal comfort zone and that would give me room to grow and learn from different groups of people that I wouldn’t get the chance to interact with while living close to home,” continued Dixon. Dixon enjoyed her time playing for the Yaks. “I like the close-knit feel of the YVC athletic program. All the sports team supported each other and I had a chance to get to know a majority of the coaches. The community was also a huge supporter of YVC athletic programs. Even though my family couldn’t make all the games I always knew a family in crowd was there supporting me,” she concluded. Dixon earned an associate in arts degree. Following graduation she transferred to the University of Washington Tacoma to pursue a bachelor’s degree in education. In addition to her studies she also coaches junior varsity basketball for her former high school. Her goal is to work as a secondary history teacher.