Matthew Ellenberger

Associate in Science

Matthew Ellenburger knew from a young age that he was interested in science. While in high school he decided to pursue more challenging courses and enrolled in YVC’s Running Start Program. “I like how well put together YVC’s science classes are,” stated Ellenburger. “Dr. Tanya Knickerbocker has been a great mentor to me and has helped me to pursue my goals,” he continued. Ellenburger is also involved in campus life. He serves as president for YVC’s Chemistry Club. Under his direction the club has been active in providing outreach to local elementary, junior high, and high school students.

In addition to his coursework, Matthew was selected to participate in YVC’s undergraduate summer research projects. These projects are made possible by a science, technology, engineering, and math grant through the US Department of Education. YVC works in partnership with Heritage University to offer this opportunity to students. Ellenburger worked with YVC faculty and a group of students in collaboration with local business John I. Haas. The students researched answers to current industry specific questions.”My summer project allowed me to experience what research in chemistry is like,” stated Ellenburger. “You have an idea of what things will be like, but you don’t know until you try it,” he continued.

Matthew also volunteers at Madison House, a local youth center, where he tutors and helps students with their homework. He will graduate with an associate in science degree and with his high school diploma. Following YVC he will to transfer to a university to continue his education in chemistry. He plans to earn a master’s degree and work in the field as an oil chemist testing the quality of oil that comes from refineries.