Carissa Bond

Carissa Bond graduated from Selah High School in 2013 with a high school diploma and several credits toward her associates degree. She got a jump-start on her college courses through YVC’s Running Start Program.

Bond decided to enroll in the program part-time to help her transition from high school to college without missing out on the high school experience. “This program helped introduce me to the college atmosphere while I was still able to live at home with my parents. Getting my feet wet with the Running Start Program allowed me to enter the University of Washington with a better sense of how to study and what was expected of me by my professors. My first year away from home at UW I didn’t feel as overwhelmed as some of my peers; I knew the drill,” stated Bond. By attending YVC’s program, Bond was able to earn 55 college credits while in high school and these credits made her competitive applicant when apply to four-year universities. “I found the biggest benefit of the Running Start Program was graduating high school with college credits. Running Start provides students the opportunity to complete college-level credits without the cost of tuition.  “While many people talk about not wanting to miss out on the high school experience, I can personally say giving up a small piece of high school is definitely worth being able to dive into the university experience. I would highly recommend the Running Start Program to high school students, “she concluded.

Following YVC she transferred to the UW where she continued to pursue a career in nursing. She finished all her pre-requisite coursework and was accepted into YVC’s Nursing Program this spring. In addition she is currently working at Hillcrest Assisted Living in Yakima as a nursing assistant.