Eva Velasco

Associate in Arts

YVC alumna Eva Velasco attended Sunnyside High School and graduated with her high school diploma and associate in arts degree in 2014. She discovered YVC’s Running Start Program offered the opportunity to take college-level credits without the cost of tuition. Eva attended YVC’s Grandview Campus.

“The Running Start Program helped me understand how college works. Being at the University of Washington (UW) now I feel like it would’ve been a much tougher transition without my experience at YVC. It also helped me as a student realize certain habits I needed to ditch to be successful in the classroom. I feel like my experience with the Running Start Program helped me truly learn what college was like, and I also learned more about myself as a student,” stated Velasco. “I cannot stress how important it is to make the transition to higher education as smooth as possible, bigger institutions aren’t as forgiving for certain things and starting off at a community college allows you as a student to find your areas of growth,” she continued.  Velasco also enjoyed the flexibility in the program including the ability to select from diverse classes and attend full- or part-time.  “You don’t need to take all your classes at YVC, you can still take some high school courses so it’s whatever you want it to be, mostly high school, mostly YVC, or half of both,” she concluded.

She is currently attending the UW where she is majoring in business administration and informatics with a minor in Spanish. She also volunteers with the College Assistance Migrant Program. This summer she will intern with The Boeing Company in St. Louis, Missouri.