Itzel Alvizo

Associate in Arts

Itzel Alvizo graduated in 2014 with a high school diploma and an associate in arts degree. Running Start provides students, like Itzel, the opportunity to complete college-level credits without the cost of tuition. Junior and seniors can continue to attend high school while also taking courses at YVC.

While attending Sunnyside High School Alvizo discovered the opportunities available to her through YVC’s Running Start Program. “I wanted to challenge myself and step out of my comfort zone,” stated Alvizo. “This program helped me grow personally, professionally, and academically. The top benefits are all the skills you will gain, from time management to note-taking as well as all the connections and relationships you can establish. I met some of my best friends, favorite professors and mentors,” she continued. “Some of my favorite high school memories were the ones I had at YVC and with the YVC Grandview Student Council,” she continued. She hopes other students take advantage of this program as well. “Take advantage of your resources and start making those relationships with your professors and advisors early,” she concluded.

Following YVC she transferred to the University of Washington. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in communication with minors in diversity and nutrition.