• Enter your ctcLink ID and password
  • gateway page
  • Manage Classes
  • Enroll in Classes term
  • Step 1
    Click on “ctcLink”

  • Step 2
    Enter your ctcLink ID and password.

  • Step 3
    Click on “Student Homepage.”

  • Step 4
    Click on “Manage Classes.”

  • Step 5
    Click on “Class Search and Enroll.” Choose the term you want to enroll in.

  • Step 6
    Search for classes by name or keywords.

  • Step 7
    Select the specific course you want to enroll in.

  • Step 8
    The class status will indicate if there’s a waitlist. If you want to be added to the waitlist, click on the class.

  • Step 9
    Follow the prompts to review your class selection. Click “Next” when done.

  • Step 11
    Click “Enroll” to enroll now or add the class to your shopping cart.

  • Step 12
    Click “Submit” to finalize the process.

  • Step 13
    You have now been added to the class waitlist.