When we move to our new data system, ctcLink, starting on Monday, May 9, the changes will make the way you access your Yakima Valley College information more user-friendly and comprehensive.

The preparation for and transition to ctcLink will affect the services you’ll be able to access. During the time we change systems, access to your current student account and a number of student services will be unavailable. We’ve made every effort to minimize the impact on students, but this is necessary to make sure everything is accurate and running smoothly as we move from the old system to the new system.

NOTE: You will still have full access to your coursework in Canvas.
Canvas will NOT be interrupted by our transition to ctcLink.

Following are important dates for you to keep in mind. Mark these on your calendars.

Funding Disbursements Paused Between April 22 and May 20
Due to the transition to ctcLink, financial aid, scholarships, Workforce and other fund disbursements will not occur between April 22 and May 20. Financial aid application processing and funding disbursements will resume after Monday, May 23.

Cashiering Transactions Paused Between April 22 and May 23
The last day for student and department cashiering transactions in business offices is Friday, April 22 until 3:30 pm. Cashiering services will begin again on Monday, May 23 using the new ctcLink system.

Access to Your Online Student Account and Records Paused from May 5 to May 19
Please be aware that you will not have access to your student account and records using our current systems from Thursday, May 5, until Thursday, May 19. This two-week period is required to transfer our current data systems into ctcLink and ensure the information is intact and accurate. You will still have access to Canvas and Office365.

Various Student Services Will Not Be Available May 9 to May 20
Several offices will be closed Monday, May 9 through Friday, May 20 to focus on the transition and ensure the data transfer was successful. They include Cashiering, Admissions, Business Offices, Enrollment & Registration, Financial Aid Offices, and Payroll. These offices will reopen on Monday, May 23.

While we understand moving to a new system will limit service temporarily, we hope you will be patient with everyone as we all learn to work with ctcLink together. We will keep you informed of the things you’ll need to do as well as other important details about this transition, including resources, tutorials, and information sessions to help you navigate and use ctcLink. Please continue to watch for the important emails you receive about ctcLink and read them.

As always, if you want more information, refer to the ctcLink for Students website.