Ubaldo Pena

Associate in Business

Ubaldo Pena was born and raised in Sunnyside, Washington. While in school he enjoyed participating in leadership programs. During his senior year he began working part-time at the local JC Penney store and fell in love with the fundamentals of business. He also learned about the opportunities available within the company for individuals with a degree in business. After graduation, he enrolled at Yakima Valley College’s Grandview Campus with the goal of pursuing a degree in business.

“I chose YVC because the Grandview Campus is close to home,” stated Pena. “It is a great place for any student to start their higher education. YVC offers the resources I need to be a successful student,” he continued.

Pena has also become involved in campus life by serving as the Grandview Student Council (GSC) president. “GSC has allowed me to become more comfortable in public speaking and that is very important to me because public speaking is an important skill that I will need in the future,” he continued.

He will graduate with an associate degree in the spring of 2018. Following graduation he hopes to enroll in YVC’s Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management program. Ultimately, he hopes to become a general manager for a retail store.