Samantha Mallery

Vineyard and Winery Technology

“I grew up here in Washington — local, born and raised,” shares Samantha Mallery. “I was a bartender for a really long time. I worked in the service industry all around the valley.

“I had a son and I decided it was time to get out of the night work. I was looking for something that was interesting and that I had a passion for and I figured why not stay in the alcohol industry. I did some research, I knew a couple of people who had taken the [Vineyard and Winery Technology] program at YVC and I, after about a year’s worth of contemplating, I decided to jump in.”

Mallery went on to share how she feels YVC’s program is preparing her for an in-demand career in the growing Washington wine industry.

“For me it was important to learn about the vineyard aspect. I knew absolutely nothing about vineyards and coming in this last year I was able to learn how to propagate grapevines, I learned about irrigation schedules, and I learned about pesticide use and herbicide use and growing and that really translated for me into the production of wine, because I understood where it was coming from.”

Hear more from Samantha about what she enjoys about the Vineyard and Winery Technology program on the college’s YouTube Channel.

YVC’s program is centrally located in the heart of Washington state’s wine industry. The program features an award-winning teaching winery, Yakima Valley Vintners, with tasting rooms available on its Yakima and Grandview campuses.  More information about degree and certificate options is located on YVC’s Vineyard and Winery Technology Program.