Student Name

Associate in Arts

Born in Puruandiro Michoacán, Mexico Rosa Saldana migrated with her family to the United States when she was just three months old. Rosa graduated from Sunnyside High School in 2011 and began attending YVC working toward her associate of arts transfer degree. After attending for a several quarters, she decided volunteer in the writing center. “When I first started working in the Writing Center I was a bit nervous and had doubts on whether or not I was going to be able to deliver as a consultant,” stated Rosa Saldana. “Joining the Writing Center has really helped me grow professionally because I’ve learned to adjust to being out of my comfort zone and it’s also helped me become a bit more social,” she continued.

“We are fortunate to have an experienced peer tutor who is bilingual in Spanish and English, and I have observed how English language learners are appreciative of her abilities,” stated YVC Lead Consultant Kim Nolt. “Being able to communicate in both languages is a definite asset,” she continued.

Rosa will graduate in the summer of 2014. She plans to transfer to Heritage University to pursue her bachelor’s degree in social work. “My ultimate goal is to be successful in everything I do. I understand that in order to be successful we all have to work hard for what we want but a challenge here and there always does great motivation to us all,” Saldana concluded.