Rene Guevara

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology

Rene Guevara was born in the Central American country of El Salvador. Violence in the region pushed Guevara to consider a new home; following high school, he decided to migrate to the Yakima Valley. He began working in the agricultural fields but knew he wanted to pursue something more. Knowing little English, he began looking for ways to continue his education. With the help of staff with Central Washington University’s (CWU) High School Equivalency Program (HEP) he enrolled in YVC’s GED courses and was able to take courses through YV TECH.

After earning his GED, he began to look for ways to pursue a degree in information technology. “I’ve always had a passion for computers,” stated Guevara. “Since I was a little kid I’ve been breaking them and putting them back together, usually before my parents got home. I’ve always liked how the industry is changing and growing and there is always new stuff to learn,” he continued.

With funding from Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA) and scholarships, he began attending YVC in the fall of 2014. Guevara credits YVC’s friendly staff and resources with helping him succeed. “I would not have been able to work toward my goals without YVC. There are so many friendly staff members, such as Marivy Vasquez, who were always available to help or to talk with when you when there is an issue. YVC definitely helped me get on the right path,” he continued.

He earned two degrees from YVC in the winter of 2017, an associate of applied science degree in information technology-general and an associate of applied science degree in information technology-network administration. He then transferred to CWU and began working towards a bachelor’s degree in cyber security. He plans to continue his studies to earn a master’s degree, and hopes to one-day work as a programmer for a large organization or government agency.