Mukobe Lukwesa

Associate in Science

Mukobe Lukwesa was born in Zambia. She later spent 12 years living in the Namibia before moving to Northern Iraq with her family to follow her father’s career. In 2017, she made the decision to leave Northern Iraq and study internationally. “I have always traveled a lot,” stated Lukwesa. “When trying to decide where to study, it only made sense for me to travel and explore new places and cultures.” Originally settling in Ellensburg, she studied for one year at Central Washington University before transferring to YVC, pursing a degree in biology.

A committed student, Mukobe has excelled in her coursework and has valued her education and the resources available. “There are so many resources available on campus such as the library, tutoring center, math centers. These resources are important for students like me to be successful in STEM fields. I’ve also really enjoyed the small campus and small class size. I’ve been able to develop close relationships with my instructors. They have been so engaged and passionate about the field and helping students. This has been very helpful and has helped make learning more fun,” she states.

Outside the classroom Mukobe maintains a part-time job as an office assistant in YVC’s Student Residence Center. She is also active in the STEM Club and participates in the Finish Strong Program. The Finish Strong Program provides wrap-around support for students studying in STEM fields.

Mukobe has enjoyed the diversity and friendliness of living on-campus and in the Yakima Valley. “I like the diversity of Yakima. People are very friendly and it is easy to make conversation. Back where I am from you don’t get to have casual conversations with strangers. I’ve really valued the ability to communicate with others from diverse backgrounds,” she concluded.

She graduates this June with an associate in science degree from YVC. She then plans to transfer to Central Washington University and work towards a bachelor’s degree in biology.