Meghan Woods

Associate in Arts

Meghan Woods grew up in Yakima and attended West Valley School District. As a high school junior, she decided to enroll in YVC’s Running Start Program. “I really like the variety of classes that are offered,” stated Woods. “YVC helped me learn about my strengths and the fields that I do well in. It has been a really great opportunity. I would recommend the program to anyone who is self-motivated,” she concluded.

Woods was honored by YVC history faculty Dr. Ken Zontek, Dr. Tim Jeske, and Monty Walker with the 2014-2015 Herodotus – Gedosch Award. The award recognizes exceptional history students.

She graduated with her high school diploma and associate in arts degree. In the fall she will transfer to Western Washington University and pursue a double major in linguistics and humanities with a concentration in religious and cultural studies. Woods hopes to later attend law school at the University of Chicago and work as a civil rights law, immigration, and labor law attorney.