Matt Hunter

Associate of Applied Science in Network Administration

Growing up in Buena, Washington Matt Hunter learned at an early age that you must work hard to get ahead in life. In middle school he began working in the cafeteria to help put food on his family’s table. With few friends, he buried himself in his schoolwork and began tinkering with electronics. In 2005, Hunter moved to Seattle to study graphic design but chose to return to the Yakima Valley when his mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Needing to find a new focus, Hunter worked in the retail industry before making the decision to attend YVC. “I chose to go back to college because I wanted more in life. I also knew that I had a talent for computers, primarily networking, and that it would be a waste if I didn’t utilize that,” stated YVC Alum Matt Hunter. While on campus, he was instrumental in resurrecting the student Information Technology Club and served as its president. In addition he was a member of YVC’s Phi Theta Kappa Club honor society. “I loved everything about YVC’s program. But if I had to narrow it down to the two aspects I loved the most, it would be the curriculum and real-world applicable subjects that we learned, and the amazing and inspirational teachers that deliver them,” continued Hunter.

Hunter graduated fall 2013 with an associate of applied science degree in network administration. He currently works for Allan Brothers Incorporated as a network support technician, a position he secured while attending YVC. “YVC has drastically changed my life in the best possible way. Before starting here, I was reluctant to imagine my future, primarily because I was afraid of the realization that it wasn’t a bright one. But, after receiving such an amazing education, I’m excited at not only the successes I’ve already made, but also for the ones that I now have the confidence to achieve, thanks to YVC,” concluded Hunter.