Kelsie Herrington

Associate in Science

Kelsie Herrington enrolled in YVC’s Running Start Program her senior year. “I choose YVC because community college is a much cheaper and easier way to get through pre-requisite classes as compared to a traditional four year, so I decided that was a smart option for me,” stated Herrington. Excelling at her coursework, she also participated in campus life through YVC’s Chemistry Club and Math Club.

Interested in science Herrington applied to participate in YVC’s undergraduate summer research projects. These projects are made possible by a science, technology, engineering, and math grant through the US Department of Education. YVC works in partnership with Heritage University to offer this opportunity to students. Herrington worked with YVC faculty and a group of students in collaboration with Toppenish and Kittitas Wastewater Treatment Plants. The students researched water quality. “YVC’s Summer Research Project gave me a better idea of what research entails, of all the work that goes into it, and what is asked of the participator. I wanted to gain experience that would help prepare me for a four year university research program,” stated Herrington. “I would recommend YVC for science majors because the science programs, including the professors are very good. The instructors help with answering questions and make sure they teach what is necessary so students continue further into the scientific field,” she continued.

She will graduate in June 2016 with an associate in science degree.