Vanessa Ferguson

Associate in Science

With the goal of becoming a psychiatrist, Vanessa Ferguson enrolled at YVC as a biology major.

“Mental health has always been a huge passion of mine,” states Ferguson. “And the fact that it’s stigmatized but becoming more accepted. I just love the science behind mental health and the way our bodies work. It all is interconnected.”

Ferguson, who transferred to Central Washington University after completing her associate’s degree from YVC, recently was invited to interview at the Pacific Northwest University of Health Sciences. In addition to her coursework, Ferguson volunteers as a victim advocate at Comprehensive Healthcare’s Aspen Victim Advocacy Services.

Ferguson has made an impact on staff on campus. STEM Academic Intervention Coordinator Cristy Rasmussen states, “she is one of those students who absolutely has worked hard, has a past [that she’s overcome], and has said ‘If I can do this anyone can.’ She is one our standout students.”