Josh Gefre

Associate Degree in Science

Josh Gefre was born and raised in Moxee, WA. The son of a farm manager, Gefre spent much of his youth on a US Department of Agriculture Research Station. Following high school he began attending YVC. “I attended YVC for about five years. It was a long path for me,” stated Gefre. Unable to relocate to pursue higher education due to financial barriers, Gefre continued to work hard. “The biggest struggle was funding my own education and not being eligible for financial aid until the age of 23. I worked full- and part-time to pay for school. I became more determined and appreciated school a great deal by the time I graduated,” he continued.

His dedication to school was recognized by his instructors. “Josh was a hard worker and he had a great attitude,” stated YVC Biology Instructor Jerred Seveyka. “He overcame the challenges presented to him in the biology for majors sequence. He mastered volumes of complex information and always help his fellow classmates along the way,” he concluded. Gefre encourages students to explore the options community colleges offer when planning for their future. “I would definitely recommend YVC for the first two years of college. The small class sizes allow for a better learning atmosphere while being more cost effective,” he stated.

Gefre graduated in 2012 with an associate in science degree and transferred to Washington State University where he majored in integrated plant sciences and minored in soil science. “I feel YVC gave me a great foundation in biology that I build upon every day at work. I accomplished my goal of becoming an agronomist after seven years of schooling. I now work for a large 10,000 acre farm dealing with insects, plant diseases, nematodes, fertility concerns, and any chemical recommendations that need to take place,” he continued.

He hopes others will pursue their dreams. “For those who struggle with not being able to afford school financially, do not give up” he concluded.