Emilse Osorio

Associate of Applied Science Degree in Winery Technology
Associate of Applied Science Degree in Vineyard Technology

Emilse Osorio was born in Toppenish, Washington, and moved with her family to Michoacán, Mexico, when she was seven years old. The family later returned to the Yakima Valley, and she began attending Wapato High School for her sophomore year. Behind on the credits needed to graduate and knowing little English, Osorio struggled to find success in her new home. She became even more discouraged when she failed the Washington Assessment of Student of Learning (WASL) by one point. Her mother, with help from her teachers and the district superintendent, convinced her to give it another try. “They convinced me to return to high school for another year,” stated Osorio. Finding success, she gained the credits she needed and passed the WASL. In recognition of her story she was chosen as the 2011 Student of the Year and was featured in the local newspaper.

Following graduation she spent time working in the fields but realized that she wanted more. She considered returning to Mexico to study the process of making tequila, but when a teacher told her about wine and YVC’s Vineyard and Winery Technology program she decided to research the opportunity further. She enrolled at YVC in the winter of 2014 and took the Essentials of Winemaking course. She was hooked. “This class had everything. I learned that winemaking was like a ritual. I used to think that they added flavoring to make the different types of wines, but I learned that all of the flavor comes from the grapes and the barrels. I don’t know how to describe it, other than to say, I love the entire process,” she continued.

With her love for the outdoors and experience working in the fields, Osorio decided to pursue two degrees one in winery technology and one in vineyard technology. Vineyard and Winery Technology Instructor Trent Ball and staff like Counselor Elizabeth DeVillenue and Admission Outreach Coordinator Marivy Vasquez have been influential and encouraged her to succeed. “Trent has been there since day one. He’s been there to help me with everything, every little question I have, he is always willing to help,” she concluded. She has also been involved on campus serving as the vice-president and later president of the Agribusiness & Wine Club. The club has allowed her to develop leadership experience and provided opportunities to improve her public speaking skills. This December she will graduate with her associate of applied science degree in winery.