Analuisa Aguilera

Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management

Yakima Valley Community College student Analuisa Aguilera is pursuing her bachelor’s degree through YVC’s new Bachelor of Applied Science in Business Management Program. The college began offering the program in the fall of 2014 and Analuisa is part of the first cohort of students.

“YVC’s program is wonderful,” stated Analuisa Aguilera. “I feel very supported by the faculty and staff. YVC has been helpful in making this dream become a reality. Being able to take classes at YVC has allowed me to continue working while earning my degree,” she continued.

Analuisa is currently working as a business analyst for the Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic. Earning a degree at YVC will help her advance within the organization, allow her the opportunity to continue her professional development, and earn better wages. Her goal is to move into a management position.
“My supervisor has been very supportive of me continuing my education. I love what I do and I have a passion to serve the underserved. I want to be involved in my community,” continued Aguilera.

Analuisa is putting herself through school, she is a mom, and working full-time. “It is hard to come back to school. It takes dedication, time management skills, and a strong belief in yourself, but you can do it! I want others to know that it is possible. I have created a bond with my classmates and am encouraged by the guidance and support of my advisor. This has been a very fulfilling experience,” she concluded. Analuisa plans to complete her bachelor of applied science degree in business management from YVC and then continue her education and earn a master’s degree.