Anadelia Tapia

Associate of Applied Science in Pharmacy Technician

“The reason why I decided to be a pharmacy technician was because I believe it is a flexible career,” says Anadelia Tapia, a 2017 graduate of Yakima Valley College’s pharmacy technician program and current technician at Yakima Valley Memorial Hospital.

“Growing up my parents, who are Hispanic, would struggle [like many] patients that come into the pharmacy and do not know exactly what is going on,” she said. “They just get out of their appointment and have their prescription handed to [them]. As a pharmacy technician working in the window or even if you’re a pharmacy assistant you get to communicate with the patients and explain to them what’s going on, what’s the process and, just, filling their prescription so they’re in good health.”

Hear more from Anadelia about what she enjoys about her career and why she chose YVC on the college’s YouTube Channel.

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