Ali Kindred

Associate of Applied Science in Information Technology

Ali Kindred grew up in Yakima and discovered her love for computers at an early age. She was the ‘fix it’ girl at her house taking apart broken clock radios and small appliances and repairing them. She has had many challenges in her life, beginning at age sixteen when she was not allowed to finish high school because she was pregnant. Tragically she lost her daughter from complications during childbirth and has had recurring health issues. Through this experience and almost losing her life in an abusive relationship Ali has emerged with a strong sense of purpose and hope. She originally started her coursework at YVC in the winter of 2000 and was within 3 quarters of completing her degree when she almost lost her life. Following her 3 month recovery, her parents relocated Kindred to Texas. There she met her husband, married, and the two started their own private investigative business. She, her husband, and stepson moved back to Yakima. Her stepson struggled in school and was not interested in completing high school. Ali tried everything to encourage him. One day he challenged her. He would graduate from high school and do his very best in his senior year if she, too, would complete her degree. She took the challenge. She reenrolled at YVC and will graduated with an associate of applied science in information technology degree. Her son is graduating from West Valley High School with straight A’s his senior year. “I wanted to give him inspiration and hope; now we are graduating together,” stated Kindred. “I have enjoyed everything about my experience at YVC, the people I have met, the people I still know from when I first enrolled. I want students to know that they can accomplish their dreams; to hang on and be strong,” concluded Kindred. Ali is recovering from her medical issues and a recent surgery. Following commencement, she began working in the IT field managing web security in Renton.