Some students experience significant changes in circumstances after the end of the base-year reported on the FAFSA. Requests for a review of changes in circumstances such a reduced income due to loss of a job, divorce, incapacitation or death of a family member, or other changes in the household may be submitted beginning in mid-October after fall aid has been disbursed using the Financial Eligibility Revision Request Form.

Additional costs for child care, medical or disability expenses, higher than normal book and equipment costs, or commuting expenses, etc. may be accommodated by loans using the Budget Revision Request Form after you have received your initial ward notice for the year and should be submitted along with your Federal Direct Stafford Loan Request Form.

Another type of revision is necessary when a student changes enrollment level. In general, the student is expected to pass the number of enrolled credits at the start of the quarter. The financial aid office typically awards aid as if all students are planning to enroll in full-time credits (12 credits or more in a term); a part-time student may need to request an adjustment by submitting the Enrollment Revision for Financial Aid Adjustment Form. Since financial aid disburses only at the enrollment level established when aid is awarded, an adjustment must be made for the student’s actual enrollment level if different than the award assumption; and only one adjustment will be made each quarter. If the enrollment level is increased or decreased, an adjustment to enrollment level for the aid to release, the cost of attendance, the amount of the award and the satisfactory progress requirements will be made simultaneously. The financial aid office staff will make adjustments during the quarter based on student enrollment level. However, you will receive your aid earlier if you notify us of your enrollment level changes through the Enrollment Revision for Financial Aid Adjustment Form.

NOTE:  If your aid is awarded for full-time study, it cannot pay your tuition unless you are fully enrolled in 12 or more college-level credits. Being on a class wait-list is not the same as being registered. Be aware of all tuition due dates after you register. If you are not enrolled in sufficient credits at that time, your registration may be canceled because your financial aid did not apply to your tuition. If you are on a wait list and not registered for sufficient credits, be sure to ask the Registration or Financial Aid Office to place a “delay” for your tuition due date so you can avoid registration cancellation for non-payment.