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Work Study Students

On campus employment is beneficial both financially and professionally. On campus employment is beneficial both financially and professionally. Students can work on campus, part time (up to 16 hours per week) through our work study programs.

Leads and student employees are required to be aware of their responsibilities and to be active agents in making the employment experience a positive one.

Is to provide part-time employment opportunities to help students finance their college educations; it also

  • Provides opportunities to gain on-the-job training and work experience while attending school.
  • Provides experience with the job seeking, interviewing, accepting employment, training, working with leads, evaluation or work performance and attitudes, relations with the public and other staff members, expected work habits, job satisfaction and dissatisfaction, and termination.
  • Students must be enrolled and attending classes at YVC.
  • Students are paid once a month on the last working day of the month.
  • Students may work an maximum of 16 hours per week.
  • Hourly wage depends upon job classification and current wage scale.
  • Student’s earnings may not exceed their Work Study award.
  • Students must be paid for all hours worked.
  • Employment of a student may not result in the displacement of employed workers or impair existing contracts for services.
  • Federal Work Study – Federally subsidized employment program. Earnings may not exceed the student’s award.
  • State Work Study – Subsidized employment authorized by the State Legislature and administered by the Washington Student Achievement Council. Earnings may not exceed the student’s award.
    Other Student Employment Programs
  • Special Accounts – Departments may use their own budgeted funds to pay student employees.


15October, 2018

Work Study is Hiring

October 15th, 2018|

On campus employment is beneficial both financially and professionally. Students can work on campus, part time (up to 16 hours per week) through our work study programs. The Financial Aid Office is responsible for administering Yakima Valley College’s Work Study programs. [...]

Students Steps to Hiring

  • Students must have a FAFSA or WASFA on file with YVC’s Financial Aid Office in order to participate in Federal or State Work Study Programs.
  • Students will be sent an invitation for the Student Employment Orientation course on Canvas.
  • Students must accept and complete the course. Once completed the Financial Aid Office (FAO) will review and notify students of eligibility.
  • Eligible students pick up their packet from the financial aid counter.
  • Student begins job search and presents referral form to prospective leads.
  • Leads interview candidates and selects the student(s) to be hired and notifies the other candidates to seek other positions.
  • Referral is returned to FAO, pre-hire checklist and Code of Responsibility is returned the Human Resources.
  • Human Resources will notify Leads of hiring approval.

Work Study Referrals

  • To be referred and hired in a position, the Financial Aid Office must issue you a Student Employee Referral & Authorization Form (SERAF).
  • The student applies by contacting  the lead to schedule an interview.
  • If you are hired, the lead will check the “hired” box and sign the SERAF. Student returns the SERAF to the Financial Aid Office within 72 hours.
  • If you are not hired, return to Canvas to choose another position.

New Hire Paperwork, Time Sheets, and Paychecks

  • Students must have a completed student employment packet and document their eligibility to work to the Financial Aid Office to receive a referral/authorization form to participate in student employment.
  • Students will obtain their PIN for TLR (Time Leave Reporting) from Human Resources.
  • TLR is due on the 15th and end of each month or the Friday before, if said date falls on a weekend or holiday.
  • Leads will need to approve all TLRs before they are submitted to Payroll.
  • Any TLR that is received late will be processed for the next pay date.
  • Students are paid on the 10th and 25th of each month, by direct deposit to their bank account.

Evaluations and Expectations

Unsatisfactory performance by the student may be cause for termination. Termination may reasonably result from:

  • Repeated or unexcused absences, tardiness, or poor work habits
  • Repeated incidents of inappropriate language, attire, or behavior
  • Unsatisfactory completion of work assignments
  • Violation of the student code

Immediate termination and legal or student disciplinary action may result from:

  • Falsifying or altering college records or grades
  • Theft or any other illegal activity
  • You and your supervisor are required to monitor earnings and hours worked each month.
  • Students who are no longer enrolled in sufficient credits or are suspended or canceled from financial aid may not continue their student employment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work on the Summer Break?2018-12-07T01:01:10+00:00
  • Students may work during summer, but they must be awarded through financial aid specifically for Summer Quarter.
  • Students must have a complete financial aid file and have met our priority deadline date.
  • Students must be enrolled at least half-time – 6 credits.
  • Award may not be exceeded.
Can I work if I am enrolled in less than 6 credits?2018-03-08T16:24:04+00:00

Students must be enrolled at least half-time – 6 credits.

How many hours can I work?2018-03-08T16:24:04+00:00

How to Calculate Number of Hours Per Week/Quarter

Follow these three easy steps:

  1. Start with your total quarterly award.
  2. Divide your total quarterly award by your hourly wage to determine how many hours you can work in the entire quarter.
  3. Divide the total hours you can work in the quarter by the number of weeks in the quarter to arrive at how many hours you can work per week without exceeding your quarterly award.
Who do I submit my timesheet/TLR to?2018-12-07T00:47:22+00:00

Submit your  (Time Leave Reporting) TLR to your lead. Leads will approve all TLRS and they will send to Payroll for processing.

When do we turn in our timesheets/TLR?2018-12-07T00:50:40+00:00

Submit your (Time Leave Reporting) TLR on the 15th and end of each month.

I turned in my timesheet/TLR late and didn’t get paid?2018-12-07T00:49:53+00:00

Late TLRs will be processed on the next payroll date.

How do we get paid?2018-12-07T00:49:56+00:00

All paychecks are submitted by direct deposit to the student’s bank account.

How often do we get paid?2018-12-07T00:43:14+00:00

We are paid twice a month, usually the 10th and 25th of each month.

Do I have to work during the break?2018-03-08T16:24:04+00:00
  • Our expectation is for students to take time off from work during winter and spring breaks.
  • If you have funding remaining at the end of fall or winter quarters and are enrolled at least half-time for the following quarter, you may work during break periods.
  • You may not exceed your quarterly award.
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