Use the links in the program website column to access the current degree information for each of the programs listed. The degree requirements links reflect the latest catalog year.
Area of StudyPathwayProgram Website
AAccountingBusinessVisit Webpage
AAerospace Machining TechnologySTEMVisit Webpage
AAgribusinessSTEMVisit Webpage
AAgricultureSTEMVisit Webpage
AAnthropologySocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
AArtArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
AAutomotive Service TechnologySTEMVisit Webpage
BBiologySocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
BBusiness AdministrationBusinessVisit Webpage
BBusiness ManagementBusinessVisit Webpage
BBusiness Management -BachelorBusinessVisit Webpage
BBusiness TechnologyBusinessVisit Webpage
CChemical DependencySocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
CChemistrySTEMVisit Webpage
CChican@ StudiesSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
CCommunication/SpeechArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
MCommunicationsArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
CCriminal JusticeSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
DDental AssistingHealthcareVisit Webpage
DDental Hygiene -BachelorHealthcareVisit Webpage
DDramaArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
EEarly Childhood EducationSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
EEconomicsSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
EEducationSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
EElectrical TechnologySTEMVisit Webpage
EEngineeringSTEMVisit Webpage
EEnglishArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
EEnglish Language LearningArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
EEthnic StudiesSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
GGeographySocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
GGeologySTEMVisit Webpage
HHeating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration TechnologySTEMVisit Webpage
HHistoryArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
IInformation TechnologyBusinessVisit Webpage
IInstrumentation & Industrial Automation TechnologySTEMVisit Webpage
B IT Networking - Systems Administration -BachelorBusinessVisit Webpage
LLegal OfficeBusinessVisit Webpage
MMathematicsArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
MMedical AssistingHealthcareVisit Webpage
MMedical Billing and CodingHealthcareVisit Webpage
MMedical InterpreterHealthcareVisit Webpage
MMedical OfficeBusinessVisit Webpage
MMedical OfficeBusinessVisit Webpage
MModern LanguagesArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
MMusicArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
NNursingHealthcareVisit Webpage
NNutritionHealthcareVisit Webpage
OOffice AssistantBusinessVisit Webpage
PPharmacy TechnicianHealthcareVisit Webpage
PPhilosophyArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
PPhlebotomyHealthcareVisit Webpage
PPhysical Therapist AssistantHealthcareVisit Webpage
PPhysicsSTEMVisit Webpage
PPolitical ScienceSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
PPsychologySocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
RRadiologic TechnologyHealthcareVisit Webpage
SSociologySocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
SSpanishArts & HumanitiesVisit Webpage
SSpeechSocial Sciences & EducationVisit Webpage
SSurgical TechnologyHealthcareVisit Webpage
ETeacher Education -Bachelor BusinessVisit Webpage
TTree FruitSTEMVisit Webpage
VVeterinary TechnologyHealthcareVisit Webpage
VVineyard TechnologySTEMVisit Webpage
WWine SalesSTEMVisit Webpage
WWinery TechnologySTEMVisit Webpage