College Assistance Migrant Program (CAMP)

The YVC CAMP program provides eligible migrant and/or seasonal farm-working students in the south-central Washington region access into higher education and supports their academic, personal and career needs to ensure they successfully complete their first academic year at YVC.

We support students in their academic, personal, and career development by providing you with the tools to enhance your educational foundation. We offer opportunities to build your leadership skills in community and with your family.

Student support services for CAMP

  • Access to technology such as laptop or hotspot
  • Free tutoring
  • Financial aid and scholarship application assistance
  • Personal and career development support
  • Leadership skill-building and development
  • College success guidance
  • Cultural enrichment opportunities
  • Emergency medical, dental, or vision assistance

What we offer

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Mission Statement

YVC CAMP provides the academic resources and social emotional support essential to cultivate the educational and career goals of students with migrant and seasonal farmworking backgrounds during their first year of study.

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Vision Statement

To enhance the quality of life through education, YVC CAMP employs the belief that each participant brings a wealth of experiences and knowledge everyone can learn from in the community.

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Equity Statement

YVC CAMP is committed to prioritizing equity and inclusion throughout the program using equity mindedness outreach and retention approaches. YVC CAMP advocates for students with migrant and seasonal farmworking backgrounds to ensure their needs are addressed holistically.

Meet the CAMP Staff

YVC CAMP Director

Hello everyone! My name is Marivy Vasquez, the YVC CAMP Director. I believe in the importance of reaching this particular group of under-served students and doing all I can to contribute to the achievement of their scholastic goals. I know from my own life experience and helping young adults that putting yourself first and asking for help can keep up fear and this becomes a barrier to success. As a migrant student myself, I know how difficult it is to find someone to connect with within higher education and to learn how to navigate the system. I know what it takes to utilize CAMP support to its fullest.  I work diligently to help students find their passion in life and remove the blocks that have kept them from achieving the career path they always dreamed of.

I am here for you!!

CAMP-Retention Specialist & Curriculum Advisor

Justina Aguilera was hired in January 2023 as the Retention Specialist and Curriculum Advisor for the YVC CAMP program. She first attended CWU in the fall of 2008 and was a participant of the CAMP program during her first year. Throughout her college career, she was also involved in the TRIO Program, both as a participant and mentor, and also conducted undergraduate research in the STEP program. She earned her BA in Biology in 2013 from CWU and went on to work for the UW GEAR UP Program for 5 years as the Site Coordinator for the Granger School District, then CWU CAMP Program for 4 and ½ years as Program Coordinator, prior to working for YVC CAMP.

As a daughter of farmworker parents, I saw how hard they worked so my siblings and I could have a better life and I wanted them to know that their sacrifices meant something. When I graduated from college, I handed my diploma to my mom and said, “This belongs to you mom, because without you pushing me and encouraging me to finish my degree, I wouldn’t be here today.”  I had amazing role models growing up, from my family to school counselors, teachers, and staff. Each person gave me motivation to continue my studies and I want to be that for future students in my current position as Retention Specialist and Curriculum Advisor.

YVC CAMP students, we are so happy you are here and look forward to providing you with resources and services that will assist you in your educational journey. I have an open-door policy and even if I’m not in the office, please feel free to email, text or call me with questions or concerns.

Recruiter and Outreach Specialist

Hi, my name is Isaac Padilla, and I am the Recruiter/Outreach Specialist for YVC CAMP. Before my role in CAMP, I served as a migrant student advocate for the Sunnyside School District at Harrison Middle School. Preceding my professional experience, I studied at YVC and eventually transferred to WSU Global Campus where I completed my bachelor’s degree in social sciences.

I am now excited to be serving the same population of students but in a higher education setting. One of the deepest values I hold is that everyone deserves an opportunity to reach their goals and receive the support needed to accomplish them. I have been fortunate enough to receive extraordinary amounts of help in my journey and I would like to help future YVC CAMP students in the same way. I can attest that with the right resources and the right support anything is possible, and YVC CAMP is one of those key resources.

Contact Us

Marivy VasquezDirector - CAMP Grant
Isaac PadillaRecruiter and Outreach Specialist
Justina AguileraCAMP-Retention Specialist & Curriculum Advisor
Phone: 509.882.7070