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Pathway Advising Day

If you have fewer than 30 college-level credits you must meet with your pathway advisor before you can register for next quarter’s classes. Each pathway has a scheduled time and location.

Pathway Advising Day

Pathway Advising Days occur once during fall, winter and spring quarters when faculty suspend their daytime classes so you have more time to meet with them in their role as advisor. This provides you a chance to review your academic plan and make sure you are moving toward your goal.

Fall Pathway Advising Day

October 29, 2024

Yakima Valley College is providing mandatory advising in person for students with less than 30 college-level credits.

Stay tuned for more information!

What to expect during Advising Day

Advising Day is an opportunity to meet with an advisor to fulfill your mandatory advising requirements. All YVC students with 30 or fewer college level credits must meet with an advisor during at least two quarters. If you do not meet with an advisor, you may be blocked from registering for classes.

Your advisor will call or email you to schedule an advising time and a method for meeting with you. You can also drop in on Advising Day to the location where your pathway is meeting. If you do not hear from an advisor, please drop into your pathway advising session. All day classes are cancelled on Advising Day.

Students: Please confirm your contact information is up to date in your student profile in ctcLink. Learn how to update your personal information in ctcLink.

Don’t know who your advisor is? Your pathway advisor is listed in ctcLink. View our tutorial for help finding your advisor. If you are still unsure who your advisor is, do not hear from your advisor, or have more questions, please contact the Counseling & Advising Center by phone at 509.574.4956, or by email at

Advising is not mandatory for students that have more than 30 college-level credits (100 level and above).

Running Start Students

Running Start students should check the Running Start Canvas class for Running Start advising sessions. Students may attend a pathway drop-in session. If students receive an email from a pathway advisor, they should attend that appointment as well.
Phone: 509.574.4970 or 509.574.4971

What is Pathway Advising?

Students who have a clear plan are more likely to achieve their academic goals. Pathway advising helps you develop an academic plan and focus your time at YVC. A good plan can save you time and money. YVC is committed to student success. We are here to assist you in planning your education so that you are taking the courses you need to get the degree you want.

Attention Students: If you have fewer than 30 college-level credits you must meet with your pathway advisor before you can register for next quarter’s classes.​ If you have over 30 college-level credits we encourage you to meet with your advisor, please contact them directly to schedule a time.

​What is Pathway Advising?

Pathway advising groups related degrees and certificates. When you choose a pathway, you choose a group of advisors who are experts on those degrees and certificates. Learn more about pathways.

​Am I stuck on a Pathway forever?

No. We understand goals can shift and bend as life happens. So if your goals change, your advisor will help you to change pathways.

​What does an advisor do?

Advisors are full time instructors and counselors who will help you understand degree and certificate requirements, develop a balanced schedule, and help prepare you to register for classes next quarter.

​Do I have to meet with an advisor?

Mandatory advising for new students

All new students are required to meet with a pathway advisor until they have successfully completed 30 college-level credits. After 30 college-level credits and the mandatory requirement has been meet it is highly recommended that students continue to seek quarterly advising.

Transfer and returning students

Transfer and returning students will be advised their first quarter and until they have met the 30 credit criteria for new students. Once the requirement has been met they can be released from mandatory advising by their academic advisor.​


Contact the Counseling & Advising Center

Yakima Campus
Deccio Higher Education Center
Building 8, Room 164
​Grandview Campus
Grandview Main Building
Building 56, Room 121