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Graduation Application Submission

Important Information & Cut-off Dates

All candidates for a certificate or degree must submit a graduation application for review approval by an advisor and followed by the submission steps below.

Students are encouraged to submit their application more than one quarter before they plan to graduate so any graduation deficiencies can be resolved prior to the final quarter of enrollment. Specific degree application deadline dates can be found in the college’s quarterly class schedule, under Important Dates or call the Registration & Records Office at 509.574.4700. However, all degree applications must be submitted no later than the quarter in which the student plans to graduate.

Students are strongly encouraged to meet with their advisor on a quarterly basis to ensure completion of specific degree requirements.

Apply for graduation

  • Fill out a degree application with your advisor. Application forms for degrees and certificates are available from your advisor or online.
    • Make sure the application is signed by both you and your advisor.
    • Ensure that the email address on the application form matches your email in your student profile. Check ctcLink to confirm it is correct.
  • Pay the $10 application fee at the cashier.

The Graduation Evaluator will review your application. If the degree application cannot be approved as submitted, you will be notified in writing. For more specific information on graduation requirements, please review the YVC College Catalog. Also, please feel free to contact the Registration and Records Office at 509.574.4700 or by email at for further information.

Contact your advisor


Are advisors available remotely to help with graduation-related questions?2020-04-30T18:34:44-07:00

Advisors are available remotely to assist with graduation-related questions. Students should contact their current faculty advisor as listed on the student portal with questions. If no advisor is listed, please contact Counseling: email or call 509.574.4956.

How will graduates receive a diploma?2021-03-17T10:39:16-07:00

Graduates will receive their diplomas by mail, along with their diploma covers. Diplomas are generally available two months after the end of the quarter. During this health emergency, diplomas may take additional time to process. Students should ensure their correct mailing address is updated in their student portal. If official documentation of a degree earned is needed, official transcripts can be ordered through Parchment. A small fee is associated with ordering your transcripts via Parchment.


How will honor cords be given out?2021-02-22T08:38:43-08:00

Honor cords will be mailed to students. Students who earned honor cords should expect to receive them via mail in the first half of May.

Registration Time2022-07-19T08:25:32-07:00

If you are a current student, your registration time will be posted in ctcLink. The Enrollment Time can be found in the ctcLink desktop on the Student Homepage under the Manage Classes > Enrollment Dates. If you are a continuing student, your enrollment date will be listed under Enrollment Appointments. In the ctcLink Mobile view & Mobile App you will find it under Enrollment > Enrollment Dates > Enrollment Appointments.

Watch the Important Dates calendar for the registration dates for returning or transfer students (30+ college credits) and part-time non-degree/certificate-seeking students.

enrollment dates in the ctcLink dashboard



Whom can I talk to in person if I have other problems or questions?2018-03-21T16:05:55-07:00

You can talk to your advisor. Contact information is listed on your class schedule. Or you may visit the Counseling Office in Deccio 164 or call them at 509.574.4956.

How long will it take for me to receive my diploma?2020-04-30T16:32:44-07:00

Diplomas are generally mailed approximately two months after the end of the quarter. Make sure your address in the system is up to date.

  • Fall grads – end of February
  • Winter grads – end of May
  • Spring grads – end of August
  • Summer grads – end of October

Make sure your address in the Student Portal is up to date.

How soon can I order an official transcript with the degree posted?2018-03-21T16:05:55-07:00

You can request a transcript ahead of time and mark the box indicating that you want it to be held until the degree has been posted before it is sent.

How do I get an unofficial transcript?2022-06-22T16:01:38-07:00

You can order unofficial transcripts through ctcLink. More information about ordering transcripts can be found on the Transcripts page.

When will my degree be posted on my transcript?2023-01-03T14:53:31-08:00

Degrees are generally posted within two weeks after the grades for the quarter appear on the transcript. You can check to see if your degree has been posted by looking at your unofficial transcript online. The degree will appear at the end of the transcript.

What if I finish a quarter earlier than what I applied for?2020-04-30T18:47:53-07:00

Applications are only reviewed twice: initially when they are received, and at the end of the quarter you applied for. It is important that you contact Karina Andrade at 509.574.4707 or email so that your application can be reviewed at the end of the correct quarter.

What if I realize that I will not be finished in the quarter that I have applied for?2020-04-29T16:04:37-07:00

Contact or email Karina Andrade at or to have your application moved to the correct quarter.

How will I know when my application has been processed?2020-04-30T16:33:44-07:00

You will receive an email once the application is reviewed. Please verify with the Registration office that we have your current email on record. Any questions or concerns or just processing information will be addressed in this email.

What is the minimum GPA that is required to graduate?2018-03-21T16:05:55-07:00

A 2.00 overall YVC college level GPA is the required minimum.

I transferred from a semester school and some of my classes were 4.5 quarter credits. Will they count as a 5 credit class?2018-03-21T16:05:55-07:00

No, but you may make up the .5 credit difference with elective credits.

Where do I get a degree application?2018-12-19T17:59:17-08:00

Most applications can be printed from our website. Applications can also be picked up from your advisor or the Registration Office.

How is graduation different from commencement?2018-03-21T16:05:55-07:00

Graduation is the act of receiving your degree, certificate or diploma after you have finished all course requirements. You must apply to graduate to let us know you are close to finishing your program of study.

What is commencement?2018-03-21T16:05:56-07:00

Commencement is the ceremony held each June to honor all of that year’s graduates.

When is commencement?2022-06-22T15:58:07-07:00

Commencement is normally held in June. See the Important Dates for exact dates.

Commencement for 2023 will be held on June 16, 2023.

Whom can I talk to in person if I have other problems or questions?2020-04-30T18:36:07-07:00

You should talk to your advisor. The advisor contact information is listed on your class schedule and in the Student Portal. Or you may visit the Counseling and Advising Office in Deccio 164. You may call them at 509.574.4956 or email

I graduated fall/winter quarter and already received my diploma in a flat mailer. How do I get a cover?2020-04-29T18:43:37-07:00

Diploma covers are generally handed out during commencement. If you choose not to walk, you may pick up a cover at the Registration Office starting the day after commencement. Bring a photo ID. Spring and summer quarter graduates who do not participate in the commencement ceremony will be sent their diploma in a cover. If for any reason a commencement ceremony is not held, diploma covers will be mailed to graduates.

Who can participate in commencement?2022-03-30T08:49:05-07:00

Students who will have completed the requirements and have turned in a certificate, associate, or bachelor’s degree application for fall, winter, spring, or summer may register to participate in the ceremony. If you are completing a degree or certificate of at least 45-credits, we invite you to participate in the Commencement ceremony.

Register to participate in commencement
How do I order caps, gowns, and tassels?2022-03-30T10:26:47-07:00

Caps, gowns, and tassels will be available to purchase in the bookstore or on the bookstore website, around the end of April. They can be found under Student Essentials/Regalia.

If you place an order on our website you will receive an email back from the bookstore with questions to help us complete your cap and gown order.  We will send you a chart with different heights and weights so you can choose the correct size gown and color according to the degree you are receiving.

For any questions about caps, gowns, or tassels please call the bookstore at 509.574.4625.


 If you have any further questions regarding commencement, please contact the Registration Office at 509.574.4700 or
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