Current and former students of YVC may order official transcripts to be sent to other colleges or for personal records. Official transcript orders are received through Parchment. We are able to send official transcripts through Parchment both electronically and by print & mail. All transcript orders are manually verified by the Yakima Valley College Enrollment Services staff.

A college transcript is a copy of your academic record. It includes quarters attended, credit courses taken, grades received, honors awarded and credentials conferred.

Typical turnaround time for processing transcripts is 72 hours.

Requesting Official Transcripts

Official transcripts can be ordered through Parchment​. A small fee is associated with ordering your transcripts​.

Transcripts sent online typically arrive quicker than transcripts sent through the mail.

If you are a current student, you can view your unofficial transcript on your ctcLink Student Homepage.

  1. Go to the CTCLink website
  2. Log in with your CTCLink Student Homepage
  3. Click on the Academic Records
  4. Click on the left menu and choose: “View Unofficial Transcript”
  5. The next page will display the different terms that you can print your unofficial transcript.
  6. Click “View PDF” to print or download.