Scholarships & Awards Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! More than half of all students who completed their application for scholarships last year received one. Scholarships amounts ranged between $3,500 and $4,000. Think of it this way: If you spend 10 hours creating a great scholarship application and you win a $4,000 scholarship, you will have made $400 per hour! In addition, you are building materials that can be used for other scholarships, colleges, or job applications. Reuse your personal statement and keep in contact with your references for future applications.

Yes, you can (and must) apply each year for YVC Foundation scholarships. You are welcome to use last year’s written statement as a starting point. However, you will need to update them to reflect changes that have occurred in your life or goals this past year. It is also an opportunity for reflection on how to expand on previous goals and build off those. Please capture these changes during the last year, including how receiving the Foundation scholarship in the previous year had impacted your learning and education.

Yes, international students and Dreamers (undocumented students) can apply, and we encourage you to do so! Only Running Start students who will be graduating from high school thisyear can apply.

Ask people who know you in a professional or academic setting, such as advisors, counselors, instructors, job supervisors, mentors, and community members. You must include two references. Consider individuals who will give you positive feedback to your efforts. Family members, partners, or friends are not acceptable references. Requesting recommendations should be one of the first things you do when you begin to work on the scholarship application.

Yes, students must submit a transcript and have earned at least a minimum of a 2.0 grade point average for most scholarships. If you do not have a college transcript for Yakima Valley College, you can get an unofficial copy through ctcLink. If you are a recent high school graduate, submit your unofficial high school transcript. If you have a transcript from another college, submit the most recent unofficial transcript.

Scholarship applications open yearly on December 1 and close on the last day of February. You are welcome to start and stop work on your application as many times as you’d like during the application period.

By completing one application, you automatically apply for most of the YVC Foundation scholarships. These scholarships are awarded based on academic achievement, financial need, personal history, and specific areas of study.

  • Answer all questions; do not leave blanks
  • Contact your references early and ask them to write your letter of recommendation
  • Watch your email for reminders about application deadlines and missing information
  • Be sure to click on “Submit Application” when you are finished
  • Not sure about your plans for next academic year – APPLY!

If awarded, the scholarship will be paid full tuition for Fall quarter in the upcoming academic school year at the college you have indicated on the post-acceptance application. Any remaining funds will be used for Winter and Spring quarters if available. Scholarships cannot be transferred to other colleges as they are designated for students at specific colleges.

Scholarships will cover tuition and fees.

Scholars must plan to be enrolled in at least 12 credits per quarter to receive their full scholarship for the YVC Foundation or your scholarship will be prorated based on the chart below.

If you plan to transfer next fall quarter, please indicate that on your application. Be aware, that by checking the transfer box you will only be reviewed for transfer scholarships and become ineligible for our general scholarship pool. Your scholarship will then be sent directly to the four-year college of choice. There is limited funding for transfer scholarships.

No, the award can only be used at the school you are applying to for the current school year. The award does not cover loans owed.

No, you do not need to be a U.S. citizen to be eligible for scholarships.

Yes, students who are not eligible for other types of aid, including FAFSA and WASFA, may still qualify for a scholarship.

Yes, students who have not been accepted to YVC can still apply. You can leave the student ID question blank if you do not have one. However, enrollment confirmation is necessary if you are awarded a scholarship.

Notification timelines vary from cycle to cycle however it is our goal to notify students who receive scholarships in a timely fashion. Notifications are sent to the email applicants created an account with. Recipients will be notified by the end of May of the year they applied.

Financial aid will automatically apply your scholarship to your financial aid account every quarter. If you don’t see your award on your financial aid account within two weeks of the tuition deadline, please contact financial aid.

Students who are taking less than the required credit amount must email the Foundation to get special permission to receive their scholarship for the quarter. Arrangements should be made before the student drops below the credit requirement.

Please email the Foundation to make arrangements as soon as you are aware that you may not be attending the full year.