Faculty and Staff Awards

The Robert M. Leadon Excellence in Teaching Award

The Robert M. Leadon Excellence in Teaching Award was established by the Velekanje Law Firm in memory of Robert M. Leadon, a Foundation Director who died in 1986. He was well known for his commitment to excellence in teaching as a part-time instructor at YVC.

The Robert M. Leadon Teaching award is a $1,000 unrestricted monetary award. It is open to any full-time faculty member who has completed three full years of teaching at YVC.

Selection is made from nominations submitted by students, faculty, administrators, and alumni having direct knowledge of the nominees’ instructional work. Selection is made by the YVC Foundation Awards Committee.

Nominations are to be submitted to the Foundation Office in writing from January 1 to March 15 of every year.

Libby McRaeAllied Health2022-2023
Olivia HernandezEnglish2021-2022
Lisa DominguezAllied Health2020-2021
Dan PetersEnglish2019-2020
Kathy LawsCareer & College Readiness2018-2019
Rajkumar RajEngineering2017-2018
Heidi ShawPsychology2016-2017
Michael BataliInformation Technology2015-2016
Eric AndersonAnthropology2014-2015
Jerred SeveykaBiology2013-2014
Tim JeskePolitical Science2012-2013
Claire CarpenterBiology2011-2012
Kelly DenomeVet Tech2010-2011
John DibariChemistry2009-2010
Audrey WedinBusiness Technology2008-2009
Carol SchneiderBusiness Administration2007-2008
Leslie EglinBasic Skills2007-2008
Pam FergusonBasic Skills2006-2007
Cheri PodruznyDental Hygiene2005-2006
Gordon KoestlerEnglish2004-2005
Sue WedamVet. Tech2003-2004
Beverly ParnellEnglish2002-2003
Carolyn Calhoon-DillahuntEnglish2001-2002
Mildred McBrideEnglish2000-2001
Kathleen AshworthChemistry1999-2000
Nick ParisisBusiness/Contract Programs1999-2000
Herb BlisardPhotography1998-1999
Greg GillespieAgriculture1997-1998
Marlene CousensReading Specialist1996-1997
Bronwynne EvansNursing1995-1996
Joan NortonBusiness Administration1994-1995
Eric MouldBiology1994-1995
Patti KoludaBusiness Administration1993-1994
Chuck WeedinSpeech1993-1994
Scott PetersonMusic1992-1993
Inga WiehlEnglish1992-1993
Paul AndersonPolitical Science1991-1992
Peggy KellerRadiologic Science1991-1992
Mary PatrickEarly Childhood1990-1991
Cecil TerkBusiness Administration1990-1991
Millie StenehjemSpeech1989-1990
Rudy PinonForeign Language1989-1990
Pat HakalaDental Hygiene1988-1989
James NewbillHistory1988-1989
Judy KjellmanBiology1987-1988
George MeshkeDrama1986-1987

Darlene Koch Classified Employee of the Year

The Classified Employee of the Year will receive $1,000 from the Darlene Koch Classified Employee of the Year Fund through the YVC Foundation.

Recipients will be selected from classified employees who have been nominated by those they work with explaining why the person should be chosen for the award.

The YVC Foundation Awards Committee will choose the recipient from nominations submitted to the Foundation in writing from January 1 to March 15 every year.

The award is presented to the recipient at commencement exercises.

Heather Lundquist2023
Tessa Southards2022
Miguel Castro2021
John Schofield 2020
Richard Miller2019
Rebecca Cikauskas2018
Laura Yolo2017
Cristy Rasmussen2016
De’Andre Saunders2015
Judi Shaw2014
Debbie McBride2013
Joaquin Macias2012
John Mertell2011
Stefanie Menard2010
Jason Sterbenz2009
Cathy Van Winsen1008
Thelma Ryder1007
Judi Shaw1006
Karen Rathjen2005
Cynthia Barwin2004
Sharen Uptegrove2003
Judy Morehead2002
Jean Lyon2001
Linda Ison2000
Charles Cummings1999
Irene Stephens1998
Brian Bordeaux1997
Haydee Hernandez Goldenberg1996
Shirly Bonneville1995
Pat Brawley1994
Rachel Toney1993
Janet Shaw1992
Judy Lee1991
Verna Shafer1990
Ardes Metz1989