Yakima Valley College offers a variety of programs for which needy students may receive support through the financial aid office.

However, there are some programs that DO NOT QUALIFY for financial assistance. In general, programs that lead to associate’s degrees and certificate programs that are at least one academic year in length are eligible for funding.

Adult basic education courses and shorter certificate programs do not qualify. It is important to work with the financial aid office if you are taking adult basic education or certificate classes so that ineligible credits are not counted in your enrollment for financial aid. If your certificate program can be completed in fewer than three quarters, download the Program of Study document from the Forms page that identifies programs of study that are eligible for assistance.

Financial aid is intended only for students pursuing an eligible program. When a student has completed the requirements for a certificate or degree program at YVC, financial aid priority ends until the student enrolls in a new, eligible program.

However, State Grant programs are not available for the pursuit of a subsequent associate degree program for five years after completion of any associate’s degree.