Financial aid is available to student at all enrollments levels, except federal loans that require a minimum enrollment of 6 credits per quarter. The YVC financial aid office awards financial aid to students at the full-time level (12 or more credits per term) so that students know their maximum level of support.

However, aid will only disburse if the student enrolls at the enrollment level for which the aid was processed.

Beginning the second week of the quarter, if the student did not enroll in full-time credits, the financial aid office will prorate the grant assistance, authorize the aid to disburse at less than full-time level, and adjust the student’s satisfactory progress requirements.

For earlier financial aid availability, part-time students submit an Enrollment Revision form before the first day of the quarter and prior to disbursement of any aid. We recommend that part-time students submit their Enrollment Revision forms as soon as they have enrolled in all their classes so that the financial aid staff can prorate the aid, adjust the disbursement and satisfactory progress requirements and make aid available as early as possible.