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Why branding matters

When you think about Yakima Valley College, what comes to mind? Students engaged in hands-on learning in a science lab or art studio? An engaging classroom discussion between an instructor and students? The thrill of a volleyball match or baseball game? Everyone has a different perception of YVC and together, these perceptions form our brand.

In a nutshell, YVC’s brand is our reputation. It encompasses everything audiences think when they hear or read about us — including both the good and the bad. The YVC brand is everything we do and say, everything we print and broadcast, every interaction with a prospective student, parent, community member, alumnus, lawmaker, or donor. It’s more than our logo, colors, and typefaces. It’s the feelings, memories, and expectations that come to mind when you hear Yakima Valley College.

While we know each person’s feelings about YVC may differ, we also know there are some strong and consistent feelings. YVC’s brand is empowering students to live their purpose and shape their future. It’s a commitment to strengthening our diverse community and fostering economic mobility. It’s about creating access to opportunity.

By presenting the YVC brand consistently, we can positively influence how people think and feel about our institution. And that means we can amplify our positive impact on the community we serve — whether by recruiting more students into our programs, helping our graduates obtain jobs with family-sustaining wages, or recruiting excellent faculty and staff.

The YVC brand is alive and it’s in all of our hands. By using a consistent visual style and voice, we can communicate more clearly and powerfully with our audiences. This clarity and consistency plays a large role in increasing understanding of and support for YVC’s mission and, ultimately, helps us touch more lives.

Common style, common voice

By incorporating a design standard into YVC’s publications we create a consistent visual message in all of our design work. The common style not only builds instant brand recognition within the local community but showcases a common goal shared between all YVC programs and departments. By having visual consistency across all YVC communications a sense of stability and reliability is created in the organization.

How do I fit in?

As a member of the YVC community, you play an important role in telling our story and strengthening our identity. How you communicate with the college community and the general public through messaging, publications, and promoting your programs and events is important. We need your help in keeping our message and brand consistent in both content and style.

About YVC


Yakima Valley College cultivates equity and a culture of innovative and inclusive teaching and learning. Yakima Valley College is a federally recognized Hispanic Serving Institution residing on the traditional homelands of the 14 Confederated Tribes and Bands of the Yakama Nation. Yakima Valley College serves all students holistically, supports all students’ learning goals, and fosters achievement within career and educational pathways. We strengthen our communities by providing opportunities for personal enrichment, economic mobility, and sociocultural engagement.

Degrees & Certificates

Yakima Valley College offers four different bachelor of applied science degrees, 55 associate degrees, and over 100 certificate of achievement programs in fields including business, healthcare, education, STEM, computer science, basic skills, art and more.


Yakima Valley College has main campuses in Yakima and Grandview, Wash. Additional learning centers are located in Ellensburg, Toppenish and Sunnyside.

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