YVC is providing mandatory advising in-person for students with fewer than 30 college-level credits. Check the Advising Day schedule for hours for your specific program.

View the Advising Day Schedule

No daytime in-person or synchronous classes on February 6! Evening classes that begin at or after 6 p.m. are held at their normal times. All Bachelor of Applied Science classes follow their regular schedule.

Which academic pathway am I in?

If you have never chosen a pathway, learn about YVC’s pathways, then choose a pathway using the Pathway Selection Tool. If you want to change your pathway, please meet with your advisor, a counselor, or a pathway navigator.

How do I contact my advisor?

Each Academic Pathway will be available for in-person advising on February 6. The schedule will be posted on the Advising Day website. Your advisor will contact you in the weeks before Advising Day with specific instructions about how you can meet with them. If you cannot meet in person, please make arrangements with your advisor.

If your advisor has to leave you a voicemail or email, please respond promptly.

Don’t know who your advisor is?

Faculty advisors should be posted in YakConnect. If you do not hear from your advisor, or have more questions, please email the Counseling & Advising Center or contact them by phone at 509.574.4956.

Running Start Students

Please check the Running Start Canvas class for advising sessions. Students may also drop-in to a pathway advising session during the times listed on the Advising Day website. If you have questions about your pathway, who your pathway advisor is, or other Advising Days questions, please email a Running Start advisor.