Random acts of kindness are things we undervalue as we might have never experienced them. When prompted to occur, these acts help people who might be having a bad day turn it slightly better or turn their usual frown upside down.

Some examples of random acts of kindness you can do on campus are:

  • Complimenting someone you are walking past 
  • Saying a quick hello
  • Opening someone’s door
  • Picking up a pencil in class
  • Saying good morning 
  • Even saying have a good day

These random acts of kindness help make someone’s day, and show how kindness is not a complicated thing to achieve. I have experienced a random act of kindness whether it be from a friend or stranger and I can safely say it makes your day 100% better as it makes you remember the good thing that happened that day. One random act of kindness I’ve experienced throughout my time at Yakima Valley College is someone always saying “Oh I got that for you” and proceeding to open the door to a building or class. These acts wanted me to perform the same thing so whenever I get a chance I open the door for someone. These kindness acts are very cool as they also help you build character. Being nice is not rocket science; it’s plain and easy. So, this February, I encourage everyone to perform a random act of kindness and make someone else smile.

Post authored by Guadalupe Torres-Ocampo, Student Lead Ambassador